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5 Smart ways to promote your product through a Blog

Business requires smartness, be it in production or promotion. The simplicity of blogging makes it a logical choice to reach to a large audience online. By now it’s a popular tool to gain visibility and connect with the past, present and future audience. A blog page is your canvas. Paint whatever you love and it surely will sell. A few points if kept in mind work better when blogging for promotion purpose. The following will help:

1. Keywords
Lookout for the most frequently used words regarding your topic. That becomes your key to be noticed and read. Missing out on keywords is like opting to not use essential material while constructing roads. The roads will witness many seasons but won’t facilitate a smooth ride. So do fit in keywords in your blog neatly.

2. Link with Search Engines
Google, Yahoo, Bing are some well-known search engines where your site’s URL should be submitted in order to increase the number of viewers. These search engines are a stepping stone to being widely viewed.

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3. Regularity
Out of sight, out of mind, as the phrase goes. To be”in sight” of your audience, you must post regularly. The page needs to be up- to-date. An outdated post is like stale food. It doesn’t satiate hunger. A good trick is to set a date every week for blogging, apart from writing whenever something interesting pops up.

4. Links to other blogs
appreciating others’ work is always the sign of a great heart. Keep in touch with other bloggers writing in the same or related category. You might provide a link with acknowledgement to that page. Or even choose to review that page positively. Building rapport and networking expands your reach manifold and quickly.

5. New work
one of the most important steps is to pen down all the latest happenings in your business like new products, variations in the product, getting attached with an expert in the industry, latest technology upgrade, etc. Bi-weekly guest columns by people with good credentials adds a lot of goodwill to your business.

If all of the above are taken care of from time to time, blogging will work as one of the few smart ways to spread wings with less investment. Along with this, posting link of the blog on social networking sites provides a variety of audience.

Blog more, rise more.

This article is written by Mohit Tater who is a SEO and marketing expert and blogs at entrepreneurshiplife.com and mohittater.com. Apart from advising clients on SEO and marketing strategies, he also runs an investment firm BlackBook Investments that helps people invest in online businesses and digital assets. When he is not working (which is almost never!) he likes to read, travel the world and connect with other entrepreneurs.

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Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown is a freelance content writer. He has written many articles on different categories like Technology, fashion, finance, travel, health, etc. He has great experience in the field of writing. In his free time, he loves to share his knowledge with his friends and colleagues. To know more about him, please visit his blog.
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