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Top 9 Sites for Freelancers 2016

Are you looking for the top sites for freelancers 2016? Then you’ve come to the right place. You may have your own reason for wanting to work as a freelancer – you probably just want to pay the bills, or maybe you are looking for an alternative lifestyle, where you can travel the world, and take your work with you, wherever you go.

There’s a great fascination today for a digital nomad lifestyle – people are just tired and fed up of the typical 9-to-5 routine and want to do something different with their lives. The top 9 sites for freelancers 2016 listed here will help you achieve your digital nomad lifestyle.

  1. upwork.com

Upwork is the most popular freelance website by far. There are over 1.5 million clients on Upwork (previously known as oDesk).  So there’s something there for all types of freelancer on Upwork. Here, you can bid for both short-term and long-term projects, and work on an hourly or per-project basis.  There are both expert-level and entry-level work available on Upwork. Regardless of which stage you are currently at in your freelance career – whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro – there’s something for everyone on Upwork.

  1. toptal.com

Toptal is a site for highly talented, experienced and top rated freelancers. It’s not easy to get through Toptal’s screeing process, only the best freelancers can join the site. Joining Toptal gives a freelancer access to projects with some of the biggest companies in the world such as BHP, Barclays and Airbnb. The compensation on Toptal is far better than what you will get on other sites.

  1. elance.com

Elance is a freelance site for top rated freelancers. When clients hire a freelancer in Elance, they are assured of a very high quality and know that they are hiring the very best freelancers in the world. It’s easy to create a profile on Elance. Freelancers get excellent payment protection on Elance and are guaranteed to get paid for the hours they work on the site.

  1. freelancer.com

Freelancer is a unique platform for freelancers where you can bid for millions of projects and also compete with other freelancers in a variety of contests to showcase your skills. Participating in contests is a great way to prove your abilities to prospective clients and get more people to hire you.

  1. craigslist.com

Craigslist is generally seen as a platform for buying and selling second hand goods, but what not many know is that it is an excellent platform for freelancers. There are millions of freelance jobs posted on Craigslist, so you will never run short of work there. Look for freelance jobs related to your city or for that matter any major city, and apply for them.

  1. guru.com

Guru is a great site where you can showcase your past work experience and look for the most profitable opportunities. You will have access to a really effective job-matching feature on Guru which allows you full access to the sort of jobs that are match your specific skills.

  1. 99designs.com

99designs is an excellent freelance platform for designers that allows you to compete in design contests run by clients. There are hundreds of active contests that are run every day on 99designs. These contests are a great way for a talented designer to showcase their abilities and make a decent income from their talent.

  1. freelancewritinggigs.com

Freelance Writing Gigs is targeted at writers, editors, bloggers and publishers. It is mainly targeted at talented content writers and copywriters.

  1. fiverr.com

Fiverr is a micro-sourcing site where you can hire freelancers for as little as $5. It’s a great place for finding talented freelancers to write your content, do a voice-over, design logos, draw portraits, work as virtual assistants and much more.


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