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The Revolution of Business Admin

With all of the changes that have occurred over the past few decades, it is hard to remember that business administration used to be quite a lot more tedious of a job. Just imagine a time before email when all communications took place either over the phone, in person, or via snail mail! There was no using chat to send a message to your teammate in a different department about a technicality, rather you had to physically track them down and hash it out.

Thankfully, those days are long gone, and with them the slow pace of business. However, even the technologies we have grown accustomed to are becoming things of the past. Nowadays, new and ever impressive tools are coming online that are consistently changing the way we communicate and the face of business administration in general.

Advancing Communication

Although sending emails has become a cornerstone of business, there are a vast array of programs that are commonly used within companies for communication. Today’s communication applications are expected to allow quick, seamless communication between teammates and departments. Furthermore, the most popular tools are those that allow for easy communication between the company and clients, as well as the ability to upload and share numerous different file types.

Not only has technology altered communication within the company forever, but it has also revolutionized the way companies market to their customers. In particular, social media has become the premier marketing tool in this day and age. Responsible use of social media enables companies to underscore their achievements, broadcast to a wider audience, and address issue in real time as they arise.  

Boosting Analytical Capabilities

Recently, analytics has been the big change taking place throughout the business world. Different types of analytics, such as cloud-based, predictive, and web, have completely upended standard business. In general, all have greatly increased the power and efficiency of the work that is completed and stored by businesses.

For instance, web and predictive analytics are now being used to gain a better understanding of customers and what their purchasing preferences are likely to be. Using this information businesses can capitalize on where advertisements are placed, when certain items go on special, and which demographics it should be marketing towards. All of these advancements have helped companies to get the most out of their advertising dollars.  

Securing Information

In addition to our major steps forward this business communication and analytical technology, it has become essential for companies to find ways to protect their, and their employees’, data. Fortunately, technological advancements have typically been met with a number of tools for protecting information in an online setting. Between passwords, data encryption, anti-virus software, etc. there are multitudes of ways to take steps towards data security.

Preparation for man-made disasters is one of the best ways companies can address security issues before they arise. This entails taking steps to be ready for a potential data security threat and having a plan in place for dealing with it if one occurs. Nearly 47 percent of companies don’t regularly perform risk assessments, which automatically puts them in danger of greater cyber threats.


It is truly amazing to think of how far technology has come in only a few short years. It has all happened so rapidly that many younger generations in the workforce don’t even understand the way things used to be done. Our communication, research and analytics, and security have been revolutionized to completely transform business administration for the better.

What else has technology changed in your company?

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Brittni Brown is a recent graduate of The College of Idaho; she currently works for a local marketing startup. In her free time she enjoys a variety of outdoor activities.
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