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How the REST API revolutionized WordPress

Technology keeps changing, and even the world’s biggest open source platform WordPress is not immune. From every new innovative WordPress forum theme to structural advancements, the platform continues to come of age in 2016. 2015 was not particularly a good year, but at the end of the year, the rolling out of the 4.4 Clifford was a huge step. Here are some of the results of this and other user generated and inspired updates;

High quality websites

The first half of the WordPress REST API enabled many things, but perhaps the most evident change was the introduction of high quality, enterprise-grade websites. Until only recently, users of the platform relied on plug-ins for many marketing related automation processes for their clients. This is no longer the case. With the new API, projects like the Microsoft dynamic AX are only just taking root. With the second part of this revolutionary API rolling out, the changes will be even more profound. Marketing automation will be incredibly easy.

Access and localization

With every new release, the quest to make WordPress accessible in many languages continues to make this platform useful to everyone. The company commissions experts to be able to translate plug-ins and themes into the many languages across the world in the bid to reach an audience as wide as possible. The admin panel itself is a clear indication of this, with its improvements in accessibility criteria. The incorporation of the REST API makes it even easier, and now users can recreate the open source Calypso or use JavaScript to build interfaces that are more accessible.

The mobile shift

Both the end user and the developer WordPress worlds rejoiced when the responsive images integrated option was released at the end of 2015. Keeping with the general movement of the digital world, this was not the only improvement that marked a shift towards a mobile friendly WordPress. Again, this general move towards mobile can be attributed to the introduction of the REST API. Today, apps like Nomadbase.io, with Mapbox and WordPress, as well as StoryCorp can be built. It looks increasingly like WordPress will eventually be able to hold many mobile apps together like an operating system.

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With the LetsEncrypt initiative, it is easy for users to move from http to https. The initiative, developed by the electronic frontier foundation, makes the access of trusted certificates absolutely free for websites. They have significantly eased up the SSL set up process for WordPress.org self-hosted sites.

PHP and JavaScript

It is widely agreed that JavaScript is the future of the web, and many experts have developers to gain a deeper understanding. However, it is important to note that this does not mean PHP is going away, at least not anytime soon. The latest WordPress version still supports PHP7 and has many PHP related components. This situation leaves the door open for front end developers to tinker with themes and plug-ins and produce truly awesome end products. However, it also means PHP developers will now have to take JavaScript more seriously.

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