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Top Reasons to Engage Remote DBA Experts

With economic slowdowns a very much grim reality, management of IT budgets is even more taxing. In their effort to make their budges stretch, IT managers are increasingly forsaking their usually extremely expensive in-house database managers and turning to providers of remote database administration services. Increasingly organizations are also discovering that remote DBA services offer superior DBA management and that too at a price that’s significantly lower. Read on to learn more on how remote DBA is emerging as a superior way of database administration.

The DBA Professional Profile

Skilled DBAs are difficult to come by because of a number of reasons. Not only do they need to have a technical ability that is superior but also proficiency in written and oral communication. As DBAs need to take charge of the overall design and application implementation, they also are required to be familiar with all concepts of business management and be able to communicate clearly with professionals looking after the finance, manufacturing, sales, quality-control, etc. This is the reason why most accomplished database administrators possess advanced degrees from reputed universities, including computer engineering and management.

The DBA Talent Pool Crisis

The complex nature of database management systems also means that it can take years for a DB professional to master the Oracle database complexities. Quite akin to the medical profession that has seen multiple specialty segmentation, database experts are also following suit by specializing in different areas such as performance tuning, data warehousing, and support for Oracle applications.

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This transformation of the database sector also means that companies are hard put to find adequate talent to ensure that their databases are monitored and supported by the best team of remote DBA experts to the extent they are required. Database downtime can turn out to be extremely expensive, often running into humongous amounts per minute and definitely not an environment for beginners. Remote DBA services insulate the companies from the continuing crisis of finding adequately experienced database administrators.

Why In-House DBA Training Doesn’t Deliver

To liberate themselves from the perpetual DBA crisis, companies have attempted to put into place an in-house training program to skill smart and young employees. However, much to their dismay even after spending over $70,000 for the complete set for Oracle’s DBA training suite, the majority of the trainees simply jump ship for better opportunities after completion of the training. This is simply because most companies are unable to bridge the gap between the $40,000 salary being drawn by a junior computer professional and the compensation of a DBA that is usually three times that, often rivaling that of the senior management.

Upfront Advantages of Remote DBA Services

One of the primary advantages of using remote DBA services is that customers can purchase only the required services from the menu of the provider and at a level that is specifically customized for them. This usually works out to be far more cost-effective than having a team of DBA experts in-house keeping their compensation costs and training requirements. The other main advantage of engaging remote DBA services is that you get access to a pool of manpower that is usually far more experienced and skilled than any in-house team could possibly be. The remote DBA services provider can afford to hire and maintain these costly resources because at the end of the day all costs are being shared by a number of clients. For the clients too, it works out to be advantageous because they can access the skill pool without having to bear the costs associated with direct full-time employment and insure themselves from the risk of exposing themselves to human errors arising from inexperience.

Given the high rate of attrition of experienced DBA personnel, it makes more sense to institutionalize the database management support to ensure continuity. This also is a good way of insulating businesses from the risk of confidentiality leaks that can happen if an employee leaves to join a competitor. Remote DBA service providers also find it easier to retain talent as the workplace environment offers far more stimulation and challenge to young and bright minds than the usual customer environment.

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