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4 Reasons Digital Marketing Agencies are Hot Right Now

Drifting back in time to around 2008 and focusing on just a single area of the online frenzy – that of social media – and you’ll likely not remember that only MySpace had any real clout. Fast forwarding to today and MySpace is no longer. Instead, we have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, and perhaps one or two more platforms can arguably be added to that list of ‘mainstream’.

If you’re considering prioritizing your own company’s social media channels, no doubt you’ll now understand why a healthy dose of advice or a level of external expertise is going to prove advantageous.

This is where the digital marketing agency comes in, one such as Digital Hyve in Syracuse NY, which is nothing less than a thriving phenomenon within today’s digital marketing ecosystem.

Here are the main reasons why digital marketing agencies are proliferating though the list could easily be doubled.

  1. Prioritization

What with the varying tactics and different digital channels that have emerged, most companies are devoid of the resources required to fully comprehend these channels.

An agency can easily assess specific objectives and then aid in the prioritization of channels to focus on. All reputable agencies utilize a methodology to evaluate different client types and prioritizing social media channels is a market they are involved in on a daily basis.

  1. Specialization

Prior to the web 2.0 era, marketing was relatively straightforward and consisted of printed ads, direct mailing campaigns, and if the budget allowed, perhaps some radio and television advertising.

These days, the whole marketing map has changed to include email, SEM, SEO, PPC, social media, inbound marketing, webinars, infographics, podcasts, and more. It’s not possible that an individual can excel of every digital channel, particularly now that the industry is becoming more specialist-driven and granular.

Given the environment, digital agencies can offer expertise in most channels.

  1. Globalization/ Localization

Prior to the era of the internet, the competition was frequently just a stone’s throw away. Today however, competition is not dependent on location. A small company may be up against a global company for market share. But then, the market these days is far larger than at any time previously.

Because digital agencies work with numerous clients, their knowledge is current and their competitive edge is razor sharp. These types of skills are particularly valued since in today’s marketplace a company may quickly turn from predator to prey.

  1. Metrics

With more marketing investment going towards digital year on year, more scrutiny will come with it.

Traditionally, outside agencies have been held more accountable for results when compared to internal marketing departments. What has occurred is they have developed more consistent metrics and paradigms for reporting as a way of measuring progress and justifying budget commitments.

This is especially important to the heads of marketing departments as they consistently try to tighten their budgets.

Why You May Consider Working with an Agency

Though your company may be a jack of all trades in terms of marketing, an agency partnership can still be an asset in specific programs. For example, you may need a link building partner, a company to provide content generation, an affiliate to focus on social media channels. The agency can focus on the specifics while still working within the confines of your overall SEM strategy.

You might have hired a full-time employee to tackle a specific task in the past, only to find that you’re now encumbered with an underutilized resource. Projects such as SEO revamping, website redesigning, or a closely targeted social media campaign can all be handled by a digital marketing agency.

Due to the fast paced nature of the online market place, there might be times when you come across areas that your own company is devoid of any expertise. For example, it may be a newly hatched social media channel that is gaining ground fast and appears to be a very good match to your company’s requirements. Again, this is the time to bring in a specialist in the form of an agency.

Irrespective you wish to work together with a digital marketing agency now or later, it’s wise to become accustomed to them. Given the rapidly changing climate of the online space, agencies will continue to grow in number while offering a gamut of highly valuable services to their client base.

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4 reasons digital marketing agencies are hot right now 4 Reasons Digital Marketing Agencies are Hot Right Now 1705b33fbc71c15d30391089a2b30393 s 80 d http 3A 2F 2Fwww

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