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R2-D2 and C-3PO in E-Commerce Warehouses

Robots are everywhere around us! But don’t worry, they’re on our side. We’re not talking about an SF dream that went wrong or a big-budget Hollywood flick featuring angry robots smashing everything that comes their way. No, this is about the world of business and how robots can make it better, faster, more responsive and more successful. This is also about a special kind of robots, the ones that work in e-commerce warehouses. Their role in these structures keeps getting bigger and bigger, but how big can it become and are robots really planning to take over the entire business away from people?

The Role of Robots in a New Company

Starting a new company is much harder than anyone can imagine and the only people knowing how challenging it is are the ones brave enough to do it. You have to take about a million things into consideration and pay attention to more details than your mind can process. That’s why a constantly rising number of new business owners rely on AI to help them establish their new business and get their warehouses up and running.

But what can robots really do in this situation? The thing with new warehouses is that they’re usually packed with older employees who can do nothing more than simple duties and tasks. A huge number of them got fired after the stock market crash of 2008 and started new jobs at warehouses. Therefore, they are slow, inefficient and can’t keep up with the demand. And this is where robots come into play – they assist workers and help them get better results. Contrary to the popular belief, these robots actually save jobs and prolong careers.

The Showcase of Warehouse Robots

Everyone’s heard of the Amazon robots – also known as Kiva Systems back in the day – and what they do for this huge multinational company. They’ve been using these robots since 2011 and what started as something not many people though would be a triumph is now probably one of the best ideas the Amazon owners have ever had – and they’ve had a few! Of course, these robots do not do all the work in the warehouses, but are in charge of delivering products from shelves to employees, guided by motion sensors and a complex software. But, there’s more.

Other well-known warehouse success stories include a California-based company Fetch Robotics, the CarryPick system from a Swiss company Swisslog Holding, as well as Gray Orange, an Indian start-up. Hence, it’s easy to notice that e-commerce warehouse robots have spread all over the world and that there are more and more companies manufacturing them – not to mention the ones that use them on a daily basis.

The Perks of Employing Robots

Why are robots so popular in the warehouses? It’s simple – the demand has increased so much that people simply can’t do all the work themselves. And even if they could, robots would still be cheaper and more effective.

They can’t get sick, don’t need coffee breaks or vacations, they can work on weekends and holidays, don’t mind long hours, and, finally, don’t need any training. Not to mention things like interviews, health insurance, unions, etc. And in some warehouses, they’re just more reliable than people – when it comes to pallet racking, for example, robots have proven to be simply irreplaceable!

What Can We Expect?

No matter how serious this all seems, try not to worry – robots won’t take all the work from us in the future. They are more productive than people, but still need us to turn them on and direct them. That is why a cooperation between humans and robots is the real future of e-commerce warehouses.


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