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Plants vs. Zombies 2: Lost City

“Discover the vanished city of gold, where sun is plentiful and misplaced zombies abound! Use special extra sun, for these treasure-seekers are no idol threat!” –Game Description

A new world has started for the Plants vs. Zombies Game. The zombies are back with vengeance in Plant vs. Zombies 2 eight world, Lost City. It is a land of forgotten civilization where zombies exist with a mission of hunting down the hidden treasures in the ancient city.

The official trailer of the plants vs. zombies 2 games was released in the second half of May giving the crowd of Plants vs. Zombies game fans a sneak peak of the new lawn, and upgraded plants and zombies. The game has 16 agonizing levels with the difficulty level raised every additional zombie in the cult. Take a quick look at the new plants and zombies added and be prepared for the plants vs. zombies free trial that is soon to come.


  • Red Stinger. Fires shots as full force when close to home. Flexibility is its key ability.
  • Autonomous Katapulting Ejectomatic Emitter. Tosses projectile that bounces from zombies to zombies. if you want a shorter version of the name it is A.K.E.E.
  • Endurian. A defense plant that inflicts damage to zombies attacking it. Short-tempered, smells terrible, and difficult to approach.
  • Lava Guava. Erupts and creates a lava pool that burn zombies. With a permanent frown on its face, it tries to keep in check the barely-repressed rage but zombies often pushed him off the edge.


  • Excavator Zombie. Specializes in digging up plants and throwing them behind him. Believes that he is the coolest zombie ad that others are just too jealous to admit it.
  • Bug Zombies and Bug. Blocks incoming projectile but is vulnerable to lobbed projectiles. A perfect combination with the bug giving the zombie great mobility.
  • Parasol Zombie. Her parasol provides protection from lobbed projectiles. A wealthy zombie who lived a life of luxury.
  • Porter Gargantuar. Terrifying behemoth of exploratory fury. Sometimes he dreams the imps carrying him around.
  • Lost City Imp. Get toss most defenses and explores on foot.

When you started the fight between humans and zombies there is no turning back. The only way out is to finish the game and win. Get ready for a new battle in the Lost City.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 Lost City Part 1 Coming Soon: https://youtu.be/3R7xgMRkECM

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