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How Can You Find The Perfect Domain Name?

Some years ago, when the domains get expired, they usually drop or become public for the hand registration for everyone. Whoever registers the dropped domain becomes the new registrant. Many of the domain buyers have built huge portfolios in this process. But now the story is entirely different.  The registrars can participate in the auction for the expired domains. It can be auctioned with the highest bidders for earning additional revenue. But if no one wanted the domains in the auctions, the same can drop.

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When Domain Names Are Auctioned?

When the domain reaches the expired status and is not renewed by the owner. It can then be listed for the auction with a service charge. The domain name never runs into the auction immediately but gets listed in the partnered auction service which is to be scheduled in the very near future. The domain name can remain exclusive to that particular auction service.

Steps To Join The Auction For Domain Names: 

You can be a webmaster, business owner or entrepreneur, try registering the domain names which are about to expire.

Step 1: Determine the Name Registrar: Most of the domain names have exclusive auction partners. For determining the auction partner, you require to identify the name of the domain registrar. This process can be performed with WHOIS lookup option. The site will immediately show you the name of the registrar.

Step 2: Auction Partner:  After determining the registrar, you must determine the auction partner. Mainly there are 3 major auction stores: GoDaddy Auctions, NameJet, and Snapnames.com. You can track the expired domains within the auction stores that are partnered with the registrars. It is the best opportunity where you can grab the expiring domain names.

Step 3: Play Odds: If you are good at gambling, you might take a chance where no bids are being placed. You can wait for the expired domains to drop and then hand register them with only $10. But the process will not be in your favor unless your desired domain is not wanted by anyone. In the community of domain investment, almost 200 millions of domain names are active and registered. It is more likely that someone or the other will desire for the domain you have selected.

Step 4: Bid/ Backorder On The Domain Name: If you are really hungry for a particular domain, you can place a bid or a backorder in some suitable auction before it gets expired. The registration period may range from 0 to 45 days. The backorder helps you to track the status of the domain name and you can be notified with the start of the bid. You are required to sign up for the account with the auction partners for placing your backorder. If the domain has already expired, you can then use the drop catching service of the backorder.

Step 5: Scroll Down To Bottom Of Record: Right at the bottom of the record, you will observe some timeline information for the domain names such as the creation date of the domain or when it is going to expire. You can obtain the list of servers and the domain name can be renewed before the expiration date.

With various domain tools, you need to monitor continuously so that you get the current status of the expiring domain. You will not be able to negotiate with the registrar to gain the domain name directly. You surely need to go through the entire auction process. So try verifying all the metrics before deciding the final domain name for your business.

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How Can You Find The Perfect Domain Name? How Can You Find The Perfect Domain Name? 1705b33fbc71c15d30391089a2b30393 s 80 d http 3A 2F 2Fwww

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