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Online Resources for Making a Move

Online Resources for Making a Move

Moving is a fearsome, loathsome endeavor. No one enjoys the process, and when a friend or family member calls you up and asks you to help them move, well that’s one of the worst calls you can receive on an early Saturday morning.

I was always under the impression that after you reached the age of 30, you should not be expected to help someone move, or ask for anyone’s help. There are professionals for that! Let them handle it.

It hasn’t always worked out that way for me. I was called to help friends move to a different apartment on a few occasions in New York City after I hit the 30 mark, and this summer I helped my parents move just a few blocks on the hottest day of the year, but for me, I’d just rather let the professionals handle it.

Ok, when I left New York City almost two years ago, I had some friends come and help me, but it was really just a night of drinking vodka and figuring out what I could fit in a rented truck to drive across the country. I scaled back and sold or gave away most of my possessions. This wasn’t new to me. I lived out of two bags for two years in Prague before I made my way to the big apple.

Here I am now living in house in Boise, a palace compared to the shoe box I inhabited in the Lower East Side. But there is too much space, too much house that is under-utilized. The big yard and all of the trees were amazing at first, but in late fall became a burden. And in the summer you have to mow the lawn every week! I guess I’ll always be a city boy at heart.

Even though I liked the thought of having a lot of space, we are turned on to the growing trend of downsizing and looking at smaller homes.

We realized the need to live smarter and smaller with less stuff. You can’t take it all with you, so why should we do that with our coming move?

Just be organized with the move. If you haven’t used something or worn something in a year, chances are you are never going to use it. Purge yourself of the clutter. Streamline! Streamline your life. It’s a cliché, but less is more

You do this all of time with your computer files, freeing up desktop space, compartmentalizing your files, so why can’t you do that with irrelevant stuff that takes up too much space in your home?

Here are more online resources you should check out as you are contemplating a move.


Before you go searching for your next house, you need to figure out what your budget will be so you don’t fall in love with a house you can’t afford. Mortgage Calculator is a great online tool that will break down your monthly mortgage rates and show you how much total interest you will pay on a house based on the information you enter.


Trulia is another helpful online resource for house hunters. Search for homes by neighborhood, city, zip, or specific address to view listings in your desired area. Then you can use advanced filters to narrow your search results and view pictures, contact a realtor, or view an estimated mortgage payment. Check out their mobile apps for searching on the go.


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Clinton Wilson is an inveterate traveler, enthusiast of anything related to technology, music, and cinema and has written for Just Out
Newsmagazine and Black Lamb in Portland, Oregon; PragueOne in the
The Czech Republic; and for Penguin Group in New York City. He recently relocated to Boise, Idaho from New York and lives with his wife and three kids.
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