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The New TV Technology That Could Be Yours by 2020

tv technology The New TV Technology That Could Be Yours by 2020 The New TV Technology That Could Be Yours by 2020 tv technology

By 2020 the way we watch TV could have changed drastically for the better. This is an incredibly fast moving industry in which new technology and ideas appear on a regular basis.

So, what will you be using to watch your favorite shows on in a few years’ time? The truth is that the some of the possible answers might surprise you.

An 8K TV

A lot has been written about 4K TV models in the last year or so, as many of the top technology firms bring out their own models in this format. There is no doubt that 4K offers an incredible viewing experience and an almost perfect picture but could it be that 8K overtakes it before we get to 2020?

There are very 8K televisions around just now they are extremely expensive and finding something tailor-made to watch on them is still close to impossible. However, things move very quickly in the technology world these days and if the demand is there then 8K models could soon be a lot more affordable and it could be easier to find appropriate programming too.

If you want the best possible TV experience then you will be blown away by what you see the first time you look at an 8K screen. In fact, if you haven’t yet seen a 4K television then this is another terrific surprise for you, with some of the best satellite TV packages giving you a range of HD channels to watch on them.

A Virtual Reality Headset

We can expect to hear an awful lot more about virtual reality headsets before too long. The Oculus Rift model, for example, is due out very soon and hopes are high that it will move the gaming experience onto a completely different level.

However, little has been said so far about how virtual reality could enhance our pleasure when watching television at home. It seems a natural progression for us to get fully immersed in the show we are watching in a way that would completely alter the typical way we enjoy our televisions.

It is difficult to imagine what it would be like to watch television in a virtual world, but it is something that is almost certainly going to be tried in the next few years. Will it blow your mind or will you prefer the traditional method of sitting down and watching the action on a screen?

Roll Up TV or a Wafer Thin Model

Each year we see new and exciting TV models showcased by the top technology firms. While some of them then disappear before they even reach the stores, other go on to become amazingly popular devices all around the world.

So, what are the current new models that could wind up in your living room by 2020? Well, it could be a roll-up TV like the one LG showed off at the start of the year.

Alternatively, you might get one of the wafer thin televisions that are being developed by a number of manufacturers. These sleek and modern looking models look fantastic and many provide a stunning 4K clarity as well.

It seems clear that by the time we get to 2020 there will be a lot of interesting choices to make in terms of the way we choose to watch television.

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