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Mobile Apps to Revolutionize Your Business

As your business begins to take off and grow, streamlining work becomes more and more important. Streamlining your company’s workflow can help to handle an increased workload without greatly increasing costs. It can also help to maintain the high level of customer satisfaction and return rates that got you through to this point.

The use of different mobile applications is one way to really make streamlining happen. Many of these apps are designed specifically to connect people and processes in a way that helps them to complete their tasks in a more efficient manner. Apps can help in nearly every aspect of business ranging from communication to financing, all of which stand to benefit both employees and customers.

Tracking Billable Hours

Keeping a handle on the company finances is arguably the most important task of running any business. With the advent of many new mobile apps, it is now possible to do just that any time from your phone or tablet. Some of the most popular mobile time management and billable hours apps don’t even require you to have an online timesheet or billing service associated with your company. Even better, a number of them allow managers to calculate employee paychecks!

The majority of these apps are designed to be simple for and easily accessible to employees on the go. For instance, if your business manages a number of mechanics that make house calls to fix appliances throughout the day, it may be more expensive for employees to drive all the way to work just to clock in and out rather than just straight to their first call. Furthermore, many of these apps are also able to track mileage, which can be phenomenal when reimbursing employees for travel or gas.

Improving Public Relations

Public relations and building a strong customer base can be a real challenge for new businesses. It can be difficult to identify which advertising methods are attracting customers, how customers are engaging with your products, and if you are reaching out to all of the demographics that would be interested in your services. However, finding ways to measure your company’s public relations efforts can be a great way to pinpoint your business niche and drive the right crowd to your front door.

Mobile apps offer a lot in the way of stepping up your PR game. Certain apps allow you to schedule social media posts to appear online at peak customer viewing times. Others send important stories and documents right to one central location on your device. This can be important for keeping in contact with certain clients, or staying up on relevant news stories that could impact you or clients.

Organizing for Success

Company growth always tends to come with a lot of growing pains that may require new organizational strategies that help all employees to stay on the same page. Again, mobile apps can help make this process far simpler as all of your information can be accessed in a fast manner through any electronic device. They can help you organize the hiring of a new employee for example.

For example, organizational apps such as Proven, are literally designed to help with hiring. It allows managers to post information regarding available positions within minutes and sort applicants into categories quickly. Something like this can help speed up the hiring process and keep management staff organized whilst doing so.


Mobile apps are powerful tools for helping businesses succeed at a lower cost. They are useful in nearly every aspect of company management for their easy accessibility and simple structure.

What are some of your favorite mobile apps for work?

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