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Managing Money on the Go – Free and Easy Apps

Money is an inescapable fact of life and you need to always stay on top of it. With the evolution of mobile apps, you no longer need to be tied down to your desktop computer to make banking transactions or even pay your taxes. Going to the bank physically to deposit a cheque or writing out a cheque to pay a supplier has become a thing of the past as electronic banking transactions facilitated by smart apps on our mobile devices can be completed in a trice wherever you are.

Most of the smartphone apps also come with a lot of bells and whistles that make financial management extremely easy. There are alerts that help us remind to pay off bills, check out account balances so that we can stay within limit, and make financial budgets child’s play. Then there are also apps that help us to make savvy investments in the stock market and then there are apps that automatically consolidate accounts to give us a real picture of our finances. Take a look at what some of the top free mobile apps can do for you.


A free app from Mint.com, it can give you a complete update of all your account balances across credit, bank, loan and retirement accounts on a real time basis, provided you are connected to the Internet. Details of cash transactions can be entered by manually. It can automatically categorize your financial transactions and alert you when you are going to exceed your specified budget. It also permits you to opt in to receive notifications regarding bills so that you can pay them on time. Completely customizable, the award-winning app is available on Android, Windows 8, and iPhone platforms.


The app provides security for your personal finance transactions by tracking your spend on credit cards and protecting it from errors and fraud. The app lets you examine your credit card statements in minute detail and report any unwanted or questionable charges. The app sends out an alert whenever it spots a suspicious charge so that you can immediately contact the merchant or report the charge allowing you to get your money back from erroneous, fraudulent or unfair charges. There is also a very handy alert that warns you in case of data breaches at an outlet where you have used your card. The free app is available on iPhone and Android platforms.

mobile apps Managing Money on the Go – Free and Easy Apps Managing Money on the Go – Free and Easy Apps mobile apps


This is an app that is quite similar to the capabilities of Mint; however it can manage the finances of only a single user. The app permits the user to obtain the big picture of his personal finances wherever and whenever he desires using his iPhone or iPad. The user can conveniently create folders by expense category to track his spends or even create special folders to achieve specific goals like saving for a vacation or an education fund. The app also has lot of reading material on personal finance since it comes from LearnVest that has quite a reputation in financial education. Click here to know more about debt relief.

Mint Bills (Check)

It is free app that works on the three top mobile platforms like Android, iPhone, and Windows. Mint Bills, earlier called Check, is a handy tool that lets you track your bills effectively and pay them on time from your mobile device. A simple app without a lot of bells and whistles, it does its job very well and lets you avoid being charged for late payment of bills. You can get reminders regarding bills due for payment and pay them using a credit card or from your bank with just a single click. You can monitor all your accounts, cash, and bills from your mobile device and also receive alerts if you are near your credit limit or if the cash in your account is running low.

Level Money

Available on Android and iOS, this is a free app that can monitor your cash flow on a daily basis. You can specify to the app a certain level of money that is available to you at the start of the month and the app automatically deducts the amounts of the recurring bills and expenses so that you are always aware of how much spending power you are left with. For convenience, you can monitor your spending capacity on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis so that you are always sure that you will never overspend.

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  2. Thank you Charlie Brown for writing this informative article!! I am always in search of such informative articles. You have good knowledge about online debt consolidation reviews that is why you have written this article. Your experience and knowledge is reflecting through this article. Money management apps are much more important and easy way to manage money related stuff. These apps reduce lot of burden and load of a mankind. You have nicely explained the role of these apps and why those are necessary in our day to day activities. Feeling happy after reading this article. Keep it up!! Nice work!!

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