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ManageWP Review 2016

Whether you’re an internet marketing newbie or an experienced old hand, you will know that managing multiple WordPress blogs is not an easy thing to do. You will be required to do more than just publish blog posts – you need to take care of the SEO, add new plugins, manage your different web hosting accounts, monitor stats on web traffic, earnings and much more, as deal with a host of problems which cannot be listed here for want of space. Managing just one WordPress blog is hard enough, how do you manage multiple WordPress blogs?

Enter ManageWP.

ManageWP is a fabulous tool developed by veteran WordPress developer Vladimir which allows you to run multiple WordPress blogs and manage them with ease. It allows you to update a plugin on all blogs at once, or to backup everything from a single place. We discuss more on how this works in this ManageWP Review 2016. Read on!

Why you need ManageWP…

Most internet marketers have multiple WordPress blogs, not just one. Sure, most of us start with just one WordPress blog, but as we gain experience, we set up many more of them. There are some internet marketers who run over a 100 WordPress blogs at the same time – which is really amazing, but it is nothing unusual.

The issue here is to keep all blogs up-to-date, install the latest plugins, and to manage them all from just one spot. ManageWP allows you to this. For example, there might be an urgent WordPress security update that you need to install on all blogs. It can be a laborious task to do it manually on each of your blogs if you have dozens of them. With ManageWP, you can update all the blogs at once, from just one place – it hardly takes a few seconds of your time. ManageWP also helps you to take a complete backup of all of your WordPress blogs.

So, how does ManageWP work?

ManageWP is basically an online platform that uses a client-server technology which allows you to add an unlimited number of WordPress sites, so that you can manage all of your WordPress sites from a single dashboard. By installing the ManageWP plugin on each of your sites, you can very quickly get started with the service and start managing multiple blogs from a single ManageWP dashboard. So, you can install all plugins with just one click. This saves your time and ensures that you don’t miss out on any of the plugins.

Is ManageWP secure?

Yes. ManageWP is secure and I have not come across any report of ManageWP getting hacked. You shouldn’t have to worry about the security of your blogs with ManageWP.

ManageWP Plans

ManageWP has a fabulous trial plan – if you have fewer than 5 WordPress blogs, you can use ManageWP for free. The trial plan has basic features, as you go higher and subscribe the paid plans, you will be presented with extra features and tools. The Professional package allows you to change the admin password on all the sites, look at traffic stats, things such as bounce rate and run codes – all with a single click.

With the Business package plan, you get an uptime monitor, can monitor Keyword ranking, and get access to advanced SEO data.

Click here to visit the ManageWP website and get detailed information on pricing and other information related to the various ManageWP packages. We suggest signing up for the trial plan for free, and upgrading later if you like what you see. Do send us your comments and let us know what you think about ManageWP.


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