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Top 5 Useful Mac OS X Features For Starters

Moving from another platform to Mac OS X is something that you might feel strange and a bit confusing.

The reason is that you are already familiar with the current one, such as Windows or Linux. So when changing, you have to start from the beginning, include learning about the new operating system and using for a while to get familiar with it.

Therefore, I’m making this guide that contains some useful Mac OS X features for starters.

It will help them to learn further about OS X and master their Mac machine.

1. Spotlight

Compared to Windows Search, Spotlight is incredibly powerful as you can do a lot of things with it. For example, you can quickly find:

  • Files, apps, emails, as well as everything on your Mac.
  • The current weather of a particular region.
  • The result of math as it can act as a simple calculator.
  • The score of sports games.

And much more. You can find out further regarding Spotlight in this article.

Mac OS X Mac OS X Top 5 Useful Mac OS X Features For Starters spotlight
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To launch the Spotlight application, you only need to press Cmd (Command) + Space. A search box will appear, and you can fill out anything you want to find.

2. Terminal

Technically, Terminal is quite similar to Command Prompt in Windows. However, you can do a lot of things with Terminal.

For example, you can alter file permissions, enable text selection in Quick Look, disable Auto-restore in Preview, change screenshot file format, and much more. Take a look at this article to view 40 Terminal useful tips & tricks you might need.

3. Grab

Instead of using keystrokes to take screenshots in Mac OS X as mentioned in this Print Screen Mac guide, you can also use Grab. This built-in application will allow you to choose and capture screenshots of your Mac machine.

To use Grab, press Cmd + Space to launch Spotlight. Then type: “Grab” without the quotes, choose Grab from the list and open it.

You will have several options to take a screenshot, including full-sized, selected, and timed screenshots. The timed screenshot is a great feature, which can help you to capture screenshots of things that you can use keyboard shortcuts.

4. Activity Monitor

Have you ever used Windows Task Manager? It’s a standard built-in function in Windows that allows you to view current computer’s resources, as well as force a frozen program to quit.

Activity Monitor is an equal application of Task Manager, in Mac OS X. You can also check and monitor the resources of your Mac machine, as well as kill a particular application in the case of freezing.

Mac OS X Mac OS X Top 5 Useful Mac OS X Features For Starters activity monitor
Image credit: www.apple.com

To use this app, navigate to Applications -> Utilities and click on Activity Monitor to open and use. You can also quickly launch it by using Spotlight.

5. Force Quit Applications

Beside of using Activity Monitor to force a frozen program to close, there is a quicker and better solution you can use. Called “Force Quit Applications”, this tool will show you a list of running programs and allow you to choose any to close.

The advantage of this tool is that you can open it quicker than use Activity Monitor. To launch this tool, you only need to press Cmd (Command) + Options + Esc. This keystroke is similar to hitting Ctrl + Alt + Del on a Windows PC.

With the help of this guide, you will know more about your Mac OS X machine and use it more efficient. In case you have any question, just leave your comment below.

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