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3 Long-Form TV Shows to Binge Watch

Have you seen Stanger Things already? Does the Breaking Bad-shaped hole in your life need filling?

Well fear not television fanatics, because I’ve put together some top TV shows for you to check out.

These shows are absolutely perfect to fill up those lazy evenings and weekends when you fancy an epic binge watch!

The X-Files

If one seeks a long-running TV show to watch on a binge, then look no further than The X-Files. This program has a bit of everything; drama, suspense, thrills and mystery. It is one of the most conic and revered television shows of all time and still holds up well enough to be enjoyed today. The plot follows two FBI agents, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as Mulder and Scully respectively, as they investigate all manner of strange occurrences. Mulder is a firm believer in extra-terrestrials, conspiracies and pretty much any supernatural force that you can think of, while Scully plays the hyper-sceptic who won’t believe in anything until she sees it (and even then she takes some convincing!). the resulting chemistry is what gels the show together, even when the plot lines get a bit silly!

The pioneering X-Files show ran for ten seasons (along with two connected movie spin-offs), so even the hardcore marathon TV sessioners will be kept occupied by this one for quite some time.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xcf44Nit7_A[/embedyt] 

Orange is the New Black

This epic prison-based drama is about Piper Chapman, a woman who finds herself caught out by a crooked justice system and incarcerated. Found guilty by association after interacting with a drug dealer ten years ago, she is brought to Connecticut Jail and must adapt quickly if she is to survive the harsh prison environment. Chapman meets all sorts of larger than life characters, some whom she makes allies of and others whom present a real threat to her. It’s great to watch Chapman develop from that of a pretty wall flower and into a real hard ass boss type over the course of the seasons. With five seasons released to date and four more commissioned, Orange Is The New Black is a show you’ll be able to get really good mileage out of.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY0qzXi5oJg[/embedyt] 

The Walking Dead

Horror-thriller The Walking Dead, is a pretty damn good pick for a binge watch. Based on the critically acclaimed comic book of the same name and brought to the screen by horror maestro Frank Darabont, The Walking Dead is so much more than mere blood ‘n’ guts. A long-form character piece, we get to see our heroes (and villains) develop and grow over the course of seven seasons as friendships are tested and relationships are pushed far beyond breaking point. For a lot of the series, the zombies themselves are something of a secondary concern as the real danger comes from the enemy within; human nature proving to be the greatest threat of all.

The Walking Dead is best watched at night time as it helps establish a creepy mood that’ll make you want to sleep with the lights on! If the seven seasons of The Walking Dead aren’t enough for you, there are a further two seasons of spin-off show Fear The Walking Dead to check out as well.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1v0uFms68U[/embedyt]

So there you have it, three great TV shows to tuck into. Find yourself a comfy spot on your couch, order in some take out, grab some nice cold drinks and enjoy!

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Sean Markey

In his spare time, Sean writes predominantly about science fiction and monster movies. A sucker for a "so bad it's good" creature feature, he can often be found rooting through the bargain bins of DVD shops, looking for 'diamonds in the rough'.
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