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10 Live Chat Software That Can Boost Your Business

It is a proven fact that through live chat, customers achieve 73% more satisfaction level than through any other means. The second next closets that make the customers happy by solving their problem are Emails. Here are the top 10 live chat software that makes to grow your business and convert your visitors into clients.


Tagove is live chat software which ensures to provide the supreme experience of live chat through its rich features. It has the following rich features such as co browsing for the customer support, live video assistance, screen sharing, Instant file sharing, speech to text conversion, extensions and plugins, live call recording etc. that makes it different from other. For businesses, this is the best live chat software available in the market. One can easily share unlimited files and videos through it. Prices are not available; please make an inquiry for the prices.

LiveChat Inc.

LiveChat is stable live chat software with a simple chat module. One can easily chat with any one any time through it. The pop up notifications and its simple user interface makes it different from others. You can easily integrate the software with most of the application software. Its pricing starts from $16 to $149 per month, all depend on the services that one takes.


Zopim provides a live chat solution, especially to the ecommerce businesses. It provides a free version for the testing purpose and in that version you can only talk to one person. This software has triggers that assist one about what to do, in case; he is finding any difficulty with the software. The pricing of this software is from free to $44 per month.


This HelpFlow software is in the list of most expensive live chat solution tools that are today available in the market. It uses the proprietary system to get the details of the customers that need the software. The pricing of this software is from $147 per week and this is best for all those who don’t have much time to spend on the customer support and service.

Zaza live chat

Zaza provides strong suite for the businesses to do online chatting, a simple and easy to implementable task. Zaza provides mobile chat features that are useful for one when he is not present in the office. Company provides a free version for the personal use, but the pro version is much more recommendable than it. The price of Zaza live chat software starts from $ 25 per month. This software is best for the strategy making businesses that require the detailed description of visitors.


SnapEnage is a live support tool that is used by the company AirBnB. It has great credibility and intelligent integration that makes it compatible for most of the CRM systems and other customization tools. Through this software, you can chat with your online customers on the phone and easily offer the proactive invitations to the visitors that are surfing your website at real time. The prices that one has to pay for getting the services of SnapEngage are starting from $60 to $420 per month.


It is affordable live chat software that delivers to both the simple and video live chats. Clickdesk software provides a complete customer support and makes the customers to attain their level of satisfaction. It has social media toolbars that makes people to get connected through the network of social media and make smoother chats.


It is a solid choice for the starting businesses. It is one of the simplest live chat software that even a non technical person can use. It have the unique features such as mobile notifications, chat management etc. which makes it different from the other live chat solutions. The price of Purechat starts from $5 and $9 per month. It also had a free version.

Zoho Chat

Zoho chat is interesting live chat software that provides the Shoutbox feature. It makes it possible for the online customers to talk with each other. This software is quite effective and smoothly run on the smartphones. The prices of zoho chat are from $19 per month.


It has a unique thing that it uses Whatsapp to provide customer care help. It provides multi channel customer service on a single board. If anyone is posting a comment on Facebook, then Casengo can automatically run it.

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Sawaram Suthar

Sawaram Suthar is a self-motivated Digital Marketing Consultant, associated with Just Total Tech– A Mobile App Development Company. He contributes new ideas and tips on digital marketing, mobile apps, web design and small business on thenextscoop.com . Follow him on Twitter @sawarams
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