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Do You Know How Much Your Smart TV Box *Really* Costs?

Why is it that different models of smart TV boxes have varying price tags? Why is one smart TV stick worth just $14 while another costs upwards of $95? Why do some mini TV boxes cost $40 while others cost upwards of $300?

Here’s a quick breakdown of the most important factors:

Stream VS Smart

Streaming devices are different from smart TV devices. The former simply transfers audio/video from one device (say, your desktop or your tablet PC) to your television set.

Smart TV dongles and sticks, on the other hand, can function without the need for a separate device. All you need to do is plug the smart TV USB device in, and it’ll handle all the computing you need. These cost at the very least $24, while their streaming counterparts cost around $14.

This is why it is important that you review what that cute smart TV stick actually does. The last thing you want to do is end up with what you believe is a smart TV box but is actually a simple streaming device.

App for TV Box 06 Smart TV Box Do You Know How Much Your Smart TV Box *Really* Costs? App for TV Box 06

Varying Specifications

The hardware inside the smart mini TV box is another important factor that affects its price tag.

The number of cores in the CPU, the actual speed of the processor, the amount of RAM, internal memory capacity, support for external memory – these are some of the most important specs to keep an eye on. The more powerful the components, the more expensive the device will end up being.

Make sure to review the specs and compare them to what you plan to use your smart TV box for. A low-spec device is decent enough for basic surfing and viewing, but a higher-spec device is better for playing back HD video or playing graphically-intensive video games.

Additional Components

If specifications are about the guts of a mini TV box, then extra components are the features that are added on to the core device.

Bluetooth support, a remote controller, HDMI ports, multiple USB ports, AV ports, signal-boosting antenna, a solid-state hard drive – these are but a handful of the additional components that could be added on to a smart TV box.

The more “bells and whistles” attached to the device, the more you could potentially do with it. At a price, of course, which is why it is doubly important for you to define what you want from your smart TV box.

Operating System

Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows are two of the most popular platforms for smart TV sticks use to get stuff done.

Android TV boxes are typically the more affordable types. Windows devices are significantly more expensive. Each has something unique to offer, though. Android-based devices tend to have a richer, more diverse library of mobile-friendly apps. Windows-based smart TV dongles can accommodate complex and more powerful programs for very specific tasks.

You could always get a dual-boot smart TV box for the best of both worlds.This will, however, cost even more than a single-OS device.

android tv box Smart TV Box Do You Know How Much Your Smart TV Box *Really* Costs? android tv box

Device Brand

And last but not the least, there’s the actual brand behind the device.

Getting a branded smart TV USB device will always – without fail – cost more than an equivalent device from a white-label source. It pays to shop around and compare different brands against one another, especially since many consumers end up paying more for the label than the actual device itself.

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