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Are Your Job Seeking Efforts Not Paying Off?


Job seeking is going amiss? On such a competitive market, it’s important to stand out. Find out here how to get that call you’re desperately waiting for.

Unless you’re actively working in an industry filled with high demand and positions that are waiting in line to be filled, the chances are that you’ve gone, at least once, through the hell that is job seeking. Unemployment is never a pretty thing in itself, but the knife is always twisted when you can’t seem to run away from it because you have trouble actually finding a new job.

This should come as a bit of a paradox when you really think about it, actually. We live in an era that heavily relies on technology and advanced means of communication. How hard could it be to go job seeking and find exactly what you’re prepared for and to get in touch with a company spokesperson? Well, harder than it should be, as it seems.

It’s true that there are more ways to gain access to desired information now, but this also opens the door to plenty of other people job seeking, increasing the influx of job applicants, of people trying to get in contact with companies, etc. Think a few years back, for example, when Twitter was just getting set up and when your chances to get a reply from a celebrity were much higher than now. Why? Because not as many people used it. Just like there weren’t as many people job seeking online.

All in all, there are more problems that can be discussed but rather than doing so, it’s best to try to lay out some methods that will help you in your job seeking.

What do you need to do differently?

To stand out, to know what you’re looking for, and to pay attention to several internal and external factors.


The biggest trouble often comes from within. We’re undecided, we’re doing something halfheartedly, we don’t really know what we’re doing in the first place. Even though employees don’t actually see your hesitation and your fidgeting when you’re accessing their page or submitting a resume, this last element might actually be affected while job seeking.

Analyze your strong and your weak points and try to establish what kind of field might be more favorable for you. One of the main motivations that unemployed people go job seeking for is the fact that they want to reach financial security first.

Career development and set of personal skills usually takes a step backward in its favor. As a result, there are plenty of people job seeking who submit applications for company positions they don’t really want and, through a simple cover letter, employees can detect that.

Admiration and Vulnerability

Sometimes you get the enormous advantage of becoming acquainted with a company representative outside of job seeking before a job offering even opens up. This is something huge. It can provide an opportunity for a new type of approach, a new type of tactic that is guaranteed to set you apart from other people possibly interested in the positions about to be opened in the future. It’s the pre-job seeking approach.

This tactic is simple: vulnerability. Much of the time, we are tempted to believe that we need to introduce ourselves to potential employees as Jacks of all Trades, people who possess every knowledge in the world and wish to earn a position at the company in order to share this vast knowledge with the company. This is obviously a lot easier when trying to apply for Dollar General than when job seeking to try to snatch a position at a huge stock company, for example.

It gets a bit old after a time, just how it becomes a tiny bit predictable. An experienced recruiter will be able to read between the lines and have this attitude backfire. We obviously don’t know all there is to know, so instead we market the things we best master – our strong suits, qualities, abilities, etc. The moment we’re caught off guard, this might mean trouble. Job seeking is serious business.

Build a different kind of relationship with future employees by showing interest in their activity without actual job seeking. We are haunted by this mentality that asking for help is unwanted and ridiculous, completely forgetting that it also implies a certain amount of admiration too. Express your desire to learn more from these people, to admit to your weaknesses, and when the job seeking pays off, recruiters will have a panoramic image of who you are as a person.

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Tailored Resumes

I got to hear one too many times instances in which some people spent entire hours remaking their resumes every time they go job seeking. Every. Single. Time. Surely, experience may have changed in the meantime or maybe you’ve elevated your knowledge level for a foreign language, but this is both exhausting and unnecessary. On the other hand, simply recycling the same resume all over again isn’t the right approach either.

Instead, do something else: research and create a tailored resume. Find out as much as possible about the companies find during job seeking and get a general idea of the skills, qualities, and type of experience they’re looking for. Always have a resume prepared, having made sure that you placed a strong accent on the static information that can’t be altered (such as the graduated high school and that one foreign language that you literally couldn’t master any better).

Then simply tailor it to the needs and requirements of the particular company you’re job seeking for. No, we’re not saying to claim to be able to fly a military jet when you clearly can’t, but there are some points that wouldn’t hurt to be expanded on.

Online Career Brand

An overwhelming amount of job seeking people turn to the Internet in order to find a new job. It only makes sense since you can find a variety of positions with detailed information, all in one place. But don’t think that future employers are the only ones paying attention to this platform. Companies also have a very sharp eye for the online environment and you can use that to your advantage by building an online career brand.

What does that mean for job seeking? Some people have literally turned their social media into resumes, for example, but you don’t need to take it that far. Just like Pinterest allows users to create boards that align with their passions, the same can be done with Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Turn job seeking into an opportunity for the companies to seek you out.

If you’re looking to join a marketing company, fill your Facebook profile with pictures of you attending marketing courses, let the world know you’re a marketing student, have some very specific likes in this direction. Don’t do the job seeking and let them do the employee seeking instead.

Things such as experience, studies, current and past careers, known languages, and passions are all incorporated in resumes. But you can be one step ahead of everybody else by lining them up before you even apply for a position while job seeking.

Starting at the Top

The saying “we started at the bottom, now we’re here” doesn’t apply to this tactic. It might be a bit on the bold side and it certainly requires for the person doing it to have amassed some kind of experience in job seeking. But, as we learned from The Pursuit of Happiness, sometimes the best approach is to start directly at the top and go down.

Generally, when we submit a resume, we do so in hopes that it gets to the big boss. Alternatively, why don’t you skip traditional job seeking and try to get it there yourself? Obviously, this is applicable only on favorable circumstances. We doubt anyone could slip a resume under Bill Gates’ door any time soon.

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Amanda Wilks is a Boston University graduate and a part-time writer. She has a great interest in everything related to job-seeking, career-building, and entrepreneurship and loves helping people reach their true potential.
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