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How Internet Changed Hiring Process?

Rapid advancements in information and communication technology have brought forth many shifts on the market. The way business is conducted has transformed and many companies are migrating to the lucrative digital frontier. Even those businessmen not overly keen on utilizing the perks of the high-tech age have to admit that the internet boasts significant business potential. It is a vast, boisterous mosaic of economic activity, one where you can either prosper or get lost in the crowd. One of the key areas undergoing a dynamic process of change is recruitment, both from the point of employers and employees.

In the air

There is a breath of fresh air in the market, originating from the cyber realm, thus making it hard for some people to notice it. To the untrained eye, it may seem as if the things have grown more complicated, but in reality it’s quite the opposite. With the complex matrix of interconnected devices and users, the internet has truly brought the world together. Transcending the borders of space and time, this technology paved the way for creating a global market of opportunities.

Today, a manager from Japan can work remotely for a startup from Germany, and companies from the distant corners of the earth unite in order to overcome growing pains. Acquiring top talent has traditionally been a challenge, especially for enterprises that are still making baby steps. Nowadays, it is easier than ever to find a dream job or a candidate that fulfills all the criteria. Those who are still apprehensive about utilizing the web will need to get on the same page or suffer the consequences.

Up the career ladder

Of course, one of the downsides for employees and potential employees is that the competition has grown fierce. With the internet growing ever more accessible and new generations growing up a smartphone in a hand, things will only get more serious. Many employees will have to step up their game, find online courses and training, or even start looking for a different career. The good news is that there is no shortage of free or affordable sources of information, expertise and education. Here, we become aware of the increased transparency and democracy on the job market.

These things help the candidates prepared to do the legwork to land any job.  Namely, job seekers can easily do research and figure out the requirements and specifics of a company’s hiring policy. Acquiring knowledge of day-to-day operations, business values, portfolio and history makes a difference once you try to get your foot in the door. Also, business organizations can no longer get away with unsavory recruiting practices. Bad news travel fast and usually spread like wildfire in the online community.

People spend a whole lot of time on social platforms and may exchange experiences about, for instance, nepotism in the workplace.  Furthermore, working from wherever you please can be a great privilege, and a bulk of established businesses utilize this practice as an integral part of their operations. This has a profound effect on the job seekers who flock to websites with a myriad of job offers from across the globe. People are no longer limited to the stagnant local ecosystems, and tied to that tedious cycle of rush hours, 9-5 work hours and sterile offices.

Tools of the trade

As for the employers, they can find a whole army of cheaper, but equally skilled employees abroad. What is more, the whole hiring process has become less expensive and some businesses no longer need recruitment agencies in order to fill the urgent positions. Instead, they turn to online resources and a booming application market. Project management applications such as BaseCamp are increasingly popular, as they enhance the efficiencies and teamwork within the company. On the other hand, the accounting will never be the same again with pieces of software like Freshbooks and NetSuite.

Many others are employing branded apps for HR purposes: Allay is an excellent solution for tackling insurance and healthcare costs, and simplifying the process of welcoming new employees aboard.  An online dashboard for administration and enrolment tasks makes the life of the recruiter much easier, and saves a lot of precious time. This is not to say that the software should replace the experience and skills of hiring agencies. It implies merely that you have more options to choose from.

software How Internet Changed Hiring Process? How Internet Changed Hiring Process? software

Moreover, they do not exclude one another, but are rather used in synergy to attract the right individuals to the company. The simple job interview is the perfect example. Yes, you may use Skype and have a casual conversation with a professional from the other side of the globe. Nevertheless, many businessmen claim that nothing can replace the much more insightful face-to-face conversation.

So, why not carry out a background check of the candidates first, and narrow down the choice to those who seem to be the right fit for the company’s culture and the current team. For example, a social media account provides plenty of data which can be used for evaluating someone’s personality, interests, character and ambition. This cannot always be said for applications and CVs. Still, they are of huge help in the next, crucial phase, where a company needs to decide who to invite to the interview.

The cyber streams

The online world has merged with the global business arena in a powerful amalgamate which easily brings down the obstacles of geography, state regulation and time. Ignoring the tech marvels of today is a quick way to become less competitive or even obsolete in the market. A business owner can pinpoint a perfect fit for any position in a matter of minutes and find a great deal of comprehensive online hiring tools.

The improved access to information aids job hunters in their efforts as well, equipping them with a means to monitor and analyze the job market, as well as specific companies. The internet is not some passing trend, but a game changer. Its growing importance should be seen as an extension of the work landscape, a wind of change that takes future-ready businesses and professionals to the next level. If you chose to ignore these developments, you are swimming against the current, and doing so at your own peril.

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Marcus Jensen

Marcus is an Australian IT support professional. He’s running his own business, working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.
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