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Insights for Job-Seekers On The Digitized Workforce

The digital revolution has rapidly changed the workforce, the way in which the job market looks, and works.

Being computer savvy even at a basic level is no longer seen as an asset, it’s mandatory if you want to find a good job. Many of the tips and tricks that were useful a few decades ago are basically worthless now. But with globalization and digitization, new opportunities are cropping up every day. And there are all sorts of ways you can take advantage of them.

If you don’t have the basics down, it’s going to be really hard to find work in this new digital era.

Before looking into the finer points of the digitized workforce, make sure you know all the basic things you’re supposed to know before you start.

What Employers Are Looking For

You’ve probably learned in some of your history, or literature classes about the Industrial Revolution, and how shocking those changes were. Now, consider the fact that this Revolution took place over the span of almost a century. And it took people a while to adjust to the new demands of the work environment, and the new opportunities it offered.

By comparison, the Digital Revolution basically took place over night. In just a few decades, these new technologies have radically changed the way we work, how we spend are free time and the way in which we communicate.

People still need some time to adjust, and there are still some areas that need to be worked on.

Employers are desperate to hire highly skilled ICT professionals to make up for the gaps in the workforce.

Digitalization also means that employers are now free to hire anyone in the world, provided their work can be done online, and have a working connection to the internet. As long as you have the skills they need, physical distance is no longer a restriction in many areas of work. Outsourcing is also becoming increasingly popular, especially with larger companies.

Business is becoming more and more flexible when it comes to hiring professionals. Project based assignments are becoming increasingly popular, and they are slowly replacing the traditional 9 to 5 schedule, in certain fields.  Companies are interested in finding professionals who can get the job done quickly, and on short notice.

This flexibility also means employers are interested in finding people who are adept at using a variety of tools and gadgets to perform their tasks, and stay in touch with their project managers.

What You Should Have


Even something as basic as applying for a job requires some degree of information literacy. Today’s workforce in comprised of many large companies relying on online application forms to hire their employees. Understanding how certain software works is essential if you want to use them to their full capacity.

If you’re going to maximize your employability potential, you’re going to want to know a lot of different tools so that you can be able the tackle as many different tasks as possible. Get to know what software you need in your field, and which ones are the most popular. The work you produce has to be easy to share across multiple platforms. There’s nothing worse than having to synchronize an entire team of people who have never met each other, with a deadline looming over you.


Most employers are going to provide with the basic tools of the trade, but it’s a good idea to invest in your own hardware. For most tasks, a good, solid laptop should be enough, but for more creative fields, you may want to invest in other tech as well, such as graphic tablets, for designers.

Make sure you know what the minimum requirements are for your field. A task can be made ten times more difficult if your laptop starts chugging if you have more than three tabs open. Depending on the jobs you’re interested in, you might want to invest in a mobile workstation, rather than a really strong desktop. If you have to move around or carry a lot of data with you, it’s definitely easier to just pack a notebook, and maybe an external hard drive in the bag, than haul an entire desktop, monitor, keyboard and mouse to your new office.

Keep yourself up to date on the latest gadgets that might simplify, and improve your workflow and your life. A highly mobile employee is a great asset for any company that’s interested in making the most of the digitized workforce.


One of the things companies love about digitalization is the flexibility it offers. Be prepared to keep a loose schedule. Keep your phone charged at all times. Do not leave your charger at home! Job offers are going to spring up when you least expect them, so be sure to check your email as often as possible. The modern world is all about speed, and nobody’s going to wait around for you.

And be prepared to shape and mold your schedule around all sorts of projects, and surprise job offers. Don’t make promises you can’t keep! That’s really going to put a dent in your credibility, even if you have the best excuses in the world.

Social Media

If you want to make it in this new market, you have to set yourself apart from the crowd. There might be plenty of people with the same skill set as you, with similar job experience, and with the same desire to find work. You have to prove to potential employers that you are the one for the job, and not anybody else.

Most big companies have social media pages. Many businesses now announce their job openings via Facebook or Twitter, so make sure to refresh often. You’ll want to be the first in line, to show your future employer that you really are enthusiastic about their offer. And it’s a good way to feel like you’re not completely wasting your time scrolling through Facebook. Don’t worry if you’re going to feel weird using Facebook in a professional way. You’re not the only one disappointed in their fellow man as they display themselves on social media.

You can also use pages like LinkedIn and Facebook to see if someone in your circle of friends, or your friends’ circle of friends, might have some insider knowledge about the place you want to work at. Networking might seem like a cheap, dirty trick, but everyone does it. And wouldn’t you rather someone you knew and trusted, rather than someone you just barely met?

Maybe some of these insights for job-seekers on the digitized workforce look like simple common sense. But a lot of these things are taken for granted, and few people actually take them into consideration when they’re out job hunting. Don’t be that guy! Get out there and face the music!

Image Source: Pexels

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Amanda Wilks is a Boston University graduate and a part-time writer. She has a great interest in everything related to job-seeking, career-building, and entrepreneurship and loves helping people reach their true potential.
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