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Innovative Security Technologies

Innovative Security Technologies

One of the most basic human needs is the need for safety. We need to feel safe in order to perform everyday duties or focus on our jobs. Therefore, the importance of security at your workplace or at your home is of utmost importance. Fortunately, we live in the time of numerous technological developments that can secure our homes and offices and make us feel safe. You should always explore the security systems that are available and that meet your needs.

Innovative Security Technologies  Innovative Security Technologies Slide1 Intro GartnerSecurityPreventing Data Loss

When you’re storing some personal information on your computer, on the web, or when you are sharing it with another company, you need to prevent the loss of such information. This prevention of valuable personal data loss is based on encryption and tokenization. These technologies can protect the information and offer many possibilities for an enterprise  such as securely moving and using the data, performing business analyses and processes with minimal risk and exposure, and complying with regulations concerning privacy.

Deep Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence comprise deep learning – a set of a number of different technologies. The main focus of deep learning is anomalous behavior, which differs from the prescribed, acceptable pattern. Each entity, such as, for example, a data center, has a typical way of functioning. If an entity acts atypically, deep learning technologies can to detect this. The machine detects and eradicates threats based on its ability to make distinction between the good and the malicious software.

Tools of Deception

Deception tools create fake systems in order to lure the attackers. Since regular users don’t need to access the fake systems, each attack on these systems alarms the security team immediately. The deception involves creating fake vulnerabilities, cookies or shares that seem a lucrative opportunity for the cyber criminals.

Innovative Security Technologies  Innovative Security Technologies Image Security 02Endpoint Detection and Responses

Solutions of endpoint detection and responses (EDR) enable chief information security officers to react immediately in case of a security breach. These tools detect intrusions by recording endpoint and network events. They operate with the help of indicators of compromise and machine learning techniques.

Flow Visibility and Microsegmentation

If attackers manage to enter a system, microsegmentation prevents them from moving to other systems. Security teams use visualization tools to discover flow patterns and to understand them, to determine and set up segmentation policies and to notice any deviations.

Business Security

If you own a business, you should make sure that not everyone can enter the building and/or offices. You should consult a security agency, install security locks make access cards obligatory and post video surveillance. Additionally, opting for a Genesis antijump barries security screen can go a long way in providing physical protection for your company – these separate public areas from zones meant only for the employees, and they’re usually bullet resistant, protecting your employees from a possible attack.

Innovative Security Technologies  Innovative Security Technologies Nambucca 2 2


Validating user’s identity is necessary when incorrect passwords or usernames are entered. Therefore, the authentication should be reliable and secure. A recent method that has been introduced is using a device as a part of authentication. In order for authentication process to be valid, it should use a three-step process – providing something you know (password), something you are (username) and something you have (token). The method of using the token (your device) in the authentication process is called hardware authentication, where hardware refers to mobile devices, laptops, or desktops.

Innovative Security Technologies  Innovative Security Technologies Eye scan

Pervasive Trust Services

Trust services provide confidentiality, data protection and integrity, authentication and device identity. By managing the needs of many devices which have a limited processing power, pervasive trust services help the evolution of security models.

Security threats are ever-evolving and always closely follow security advancements. The only way to keep these threats at bay is by means of constant evolution. The mentioned technologies are just that – the most innovative means of progressing into a safer future!



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