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IBM Announces New Cloud Innovation Center in India

IBM has recently announced its new cloud innovation center in Bangalore, India as part of its global effort to expand its business solutions efficiency.

IBM’s Cloud Industry Platforms and Solutions’ new platform allows users to gain access to the cloud as well as to big data services, which are directed towards different industry needs.

Co-creating with clients

Sanjay Rishi, managing partner of Cloud Consulting Services for IBM Global Business Services, revealed in the announcement, “Our portfolio of Cloud Business Solutions is a recognition of the mandate for speed and time to value, along with the requirement of clients to personalize business solutions to their own processes and culture and deploy them via the cloud,” he said. “Our new IBM Cloud Business Innovation Center will help us co-create with our clients, addressing their unique needs with tailored solutions, delivered on the cloud for fast results.”

These Cloud Business Innovation Centers allow IBM customers from anywhere in the world to work alongside Big Blue solution researchers, digital marketing, design experts and consultants to customize the Industry platforms to their industry’s specific requirements.

Today, Cloud Business Solutions is being applied in more than 500 client engagements.

The introductory IBM offering

IBM Global Business Services launched a Cloud Business Solutions portfolio in 2014. It was able to package a number of services and technology components into one single client agreement and also delivered an “end-to-end” solutions service.

The introductory offering focused on the business tasks in the fields of financial management, operations, sales, and marketing. It also included consultation services, intellectual property assets from IBM software, research advanced analytics, cloud infrastructure and ongoing support conveyed through the IBM “SoftLayer”.

As of the present, Cloud Business Solutions is being used in over 500 client contracts.

New and improved

Adding on to this portfolio however, IBM is also announcing Industry Platforms that will bring in more profound industry content to Cloud Business Solutions to result in more developed business benefits and faster value time. Each of these platforms will allow clients to access a stipulated number of assets that can be customized to deliver specific business solutions to different industry problems.

The first three IBM Industry Platforms are made up of:

Retail Consumer Experience:
A platform that empowers the retailer to deliver sophisticated means of engagement, which are driven by relevant, multi-channel, contextual, and end-to-end personalization that allows for a “passion-driven” customer experience.

Personalized Learning:
A platform that deploys personalized and data-driven learning directed towards educators to help empower their students to reach their highest potential and for companies to keep up with the fast-moving trends that happen within their corporation.

Insights for a Connected World:

A platform that is customized for industries that have been reshaped by the Internet age. This platform turns data from different sources into breakthroughs and insights that may be offered to partners or utilized to come up with improved business models, business operations or customer service.

IBM Cloud Business Solutions bring together the ease, speed and scale of the cloud along with IBM consulting services’ insights to focus on specific industry and business tasks.

In the past year alone, the company has put in motion more than 20 industry-specific solutions for different business organizations. Benjamin Goewey, President of Datamensional, an advanced business partner, said cloud solutions is the future of business analytics and that we’re more likely to see moves like this in the near future.

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