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How to save Facebook chat History in Firefox

Many times it happens, when we need to read our previous chats which we had with our friends, colleagues. But if we had that chat on Facebook then there was not any option or feature to save your chat on Facebook but now its possible in Firefox to save your chat history completely, which you need to download first. You can download Facebook chat History Manager for firefox here , and below we mention every step and feature of this firefox plugin.
How to save Facebook chat History in Firefox How to save Facebook chat History in Firefox firefox logo
Step by step guide about, How to save Facebook Chat History in Firefox

1. Create your account & it is Required step.
After firefox addon installed, from Firefox menu, select Tools, find Facebook Chat History Manager menu and then ‘Create Account’. ID used to create local account is a ten or more digit number that facebook used to identify each member. The chat history manager will save your chat message automatically .
To Get Facebook ID, Tools->Facebook Chat History Manger -> Get Facebook ID, then login to facebook to get your facebook ID.

2. How to view facebook chat history.
a. Press Control+Alt+F to open chat history window. This need you login.
b. From Firefox menu, select Tools -> find Facebook Chat History Managermenu -> View History

3. Delete facebook chat history.
To delete messages, you can select the messages to be deleted then click delete button on the top of view history messages page.

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