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How to convert .flac to .mp3 Free – Mac OS X

We are going to show how you can convert your .flac files into .mp3 in mac osx, actually there are many posts about it but thing is that mostly all of them are using premium / shareware flac to mp3 converter but here we will use freeware flac to mp3 converter and this converter supports Mac OS 10.4 Tiger / 10.5 Leopard / 10.6 Snow Leopard.

What is .flac ? flac means free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC), It is a file format for lossless audio data compression. But flac format have high file size and high quality, due to high size most people prefer .mp3 format because of its lower size and compatibility almost on every device.

convert .flac to .mp3 How to convert .flac to .mp3 Free - Mac OS X How to convert .flac to .mp3 Free - Mac OS X ipodlogo thumb

Convert .flac to .mp3 in Mac Osx

Step 1. You need a All2mp3 converter, click here to download All2mp3 converter.

convert-flac-mp3_1 How to convert .flac to .mp3 Free - Mac OS X How to convert .flac to .mp3 Free - Mac OS X convertflacmp3 1 thumb

Step 2. Downloaded file is a .zip file, double click and obtain all2mp3 installer.

Step 3. Intall All2mp3 converter

convert .flac to .mp3 How to convert .flac to .mp3 Free - Mac OS X How to convert .flac to .mp3 Free - Mac OS X convertwmamp3 3 thumb

Step 4. Drag –Drop your flac file on you flac to mp3 converter, and press All2mp3
done! 🙂

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  1. PC-SERVEIS, Diseño Web

    Thank you very much ! !

    Greetings from Barcelona ;))

  2. Great post. This thing is a life saver. Thank you for taking the time to write this up!

  3. Thank you…its simplicity and effectiveness are unmatched!!! Thank you thank you thank you

  4. seriously? imma try this shit

  5. Of course the mini-tute here is so lame they don’t even bother to show how to split a solid Flac file into the tracks using the .cue file.


  6. Absolutely Brilliant – simple to use – Thanks. Tried Max and had real problems.

    Will recommend – definitely!


  7. I never like downloading freebies to my MBP but FLACs are such a pain when you want to run them outside a stand-alone player.  I took the leap and love this app.  Simple, effective and no bother at all.  Love it.

  8. Cheese and Rice it works like a bomb!!!
    Thanks a ton.

  9. HOLY CRAP! This thing actually works!

    Guys, none of these comments are fakes! I was as skeptical as you were, but this program actually works very well. Drag a whole folder in, processes for a while showing which song it’s up to, then when it’s done all the mp3 files are in the folder where the .flacs are! Super easy! 

    Thank you so much!

  10. Followed the instructions and end up with a “zero kb” file
    i.e. no music.
    Am I missing something here?????????

  11. Thanks to you, I understand something that has frustrated and eluded me for longer than I care to admit.

    It’s like christmas for my computer!

    Cheers to you and yours!

  12. Switch worked perfectly for me converting a flac file to mp3.

  13. Oh and you can do multiple flac files at the same time.
    Highly Recommend.

  14. App right on point. Easy, simple fast. Lot of other shit has complicated crap. This app quick and simple. Highly recommend it.

  15. WOW! As Beth said… This is fucking wonderful. Ver clean, simple and quick. Brilliant. Hats off sir.


  17. Roberto Sleftaroni

    @ Frilly – Unplug your machine, back away slowly from it then go outside and play.

  18. Excellent Piece Of Software !!!

  19. This doesn’t work and now I can’t remove it from my machine – what’s the deal?

  20. now you just have to drop the decompressed .app file into application folder !

    very simple, user friendly !


  21. This is fucking wonderful. It was easy, simple, fast. I’ve only done flac files though.

  22. Thanks for the help… spot on application; clean, simple and fast.

  23. wow, very fast. excellent conversion. I hate flac no more. thank you!

  24. Thanks so much for the help. Finally was able to convert the flac files I had to mp3 so they would work in iTunes.

  25. excellent software converted the flac files i downloaded to mp3 and could play in my itunes and iphone …

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