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Top 10 Free Full version Antivirus Download

For Every individual, Primary motive is PC protection, Protecting your computer from viruses and malwares are most important thing. Most of the viruses enter into your system from internet. So, you should know how to stay protected online because only one peculiar virus could expose your financial information or stop your computer from working. But the best and very first option is to protect your computer from these viruses by using antivirus. Luckily, some of the best antivirus software is completely free, some of them just free for trial and some for lifetime usage. Now you may be thinking that why are some of the very best antivirus programs free? Many popular antivirus companies offer free versions of their programs for home users while offering versions with more advanced features are premium based and are available in upgrade option for professional and business users which we are featured here!

1. Kaspersky Free Antivirus Download

Kaspersky Labs continues to gain popularity in the security software industry as this Anti-Virus has all the right features and tools, packed in an interface that is advanced but straightforward.All neccessesty features like Real-Time Protection against viruses, spyware, Trojans, worms, rootkits, botnets and more. Robust Anti-Spam protection , Small Hourly Signature Updates ,Two-Way Firewall to block hacker attack. Overall, Kaspersky Anti-virus 2011 continued to deliver superb protection and security. As one of the best antivirus software.Free download – only for 30 days trial.

2. Avast Free Full Antivirus Download

Avast Antivirus t provides great protection against viruses and spyware.Avast Free version,is an A-list freeware antivirus software, provides the same secure and fast protection of well-known, pricier antivirus programs. Avast is remarkable for its effectiveness.The antivirus, antispyware, and heuristics engines form a security core that also includes multiple real-time shields .
Avast! has best-in-class strong self-protection built in, to make sure, no matter what you face, avast! carries on protecting your valuable data and programs.And moreover avast comes compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems .

3. Download Free Norton 2011 Antivirus

Norton 2011 was released recently, making this the latest Norton antivirus .Symantec Norton Internet Security 2011 handles unsafe Facebook links and scareware.The new Facebook Scan checks links on your Facebook Wall and News Feed to see whether they link to malware or to sites known to harbour malwarE this must catch your attention for sure as many virus come in your systems through social networking sites .Whether you are using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or even a Macintosh, Norton is right for you.

More Download Links :
Norton 360 v4
Norton Internet Security 2011

4. Microsoft Security Essentials Free Antivirus Download

Microsoft Security Essentials provides extreem real-time protection for your system that protects your system against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.Microsoft Security Essentials runs quietly and efficiently in the background so that you are free to use your Windows-based PC the way you want—without interruptions or long computer wait times.
Anti-malware testing group not only gave Microsoft Security Essentials a top rating for malware removal, but now they’ve given it their best ranking in their performance test as well.This is enough to say, this is a microsft product and thus it is a reliable tool aswell ..

5. AVG Free Antivirus Download

Competent antivirus software with identity theft protection from Identity Guard.AVG is a good name in the antivirus market, and just like the most important security solution developers on the market, also released an Internet Security suite. The latest version of the suite brings a total of 13 different components, all working for the safety of your computer and your personal data implicitly. The virus signature database od avg is dynamically improved, regularly updated with the newest signatures .ANTI-VIRUS FREE EDITION Includes Core protection and surfing , searching and social network security other features are paid.

6. Comodo Free Antivirus Download

Comodo Antivirus Keep Your PC Free of All Malware, Spyware, Viruses and Trojans Breakthrough, patent-pending technology prevents all infections .Award-Winning Firewall Keeps Personal Information Private Blocks unauthorized access, unknown threats, even hacker attacks.The biggest plus of this antivirus is TrustConnect Wi-Fi Data Encryption for defense against wireless information theft.Installation of Comodo Antivirus is relatively painless – there’s no need to register the product and your system will require a reboot to finish the installation process.Some features are paid if you need full strength security.

7. McAfee Free Antivirus Download

McAfee is one of the biggest leading names in security software, and their desktop antivirus program, there are some outstanding qualities that make McAfee antivirus a compelling security solution.Scheduling scans and tweaking settings should be no trouble for most users. The main interface provides simple navigation. All elements of the software are easily accessible from the main console.Free Trial download last 30-Days.

8. Trend Micro Free Full version Antivirus Download

Trend Micro is a Another good antivirus and antispyware combo package with IM and inbound/outbound email scanning. And is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows XP , Microsoft Windows Vista(32/64 bits). whats good about this antivirus is that it comes up with all neccessary features like,everything covered from basic threat detection to a behavior-based prevention system and security for Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.But Overall, Trend Micro’s AntiVirus + AntiSpyware is good, but not great. The level of protection isn’t as comprehensive as we’ve seen from competitors.Free Trial download last 30-Days.

9. Avira AntiVir Free Full version Antivirus Download

Avira AntiVir should remain on top of every free antivirus users’ list.Avira received the 5-star PCSL Award for July 2010, the highest possible rank! The result outlines the continuity in Avira’s detection capabilities. Avira AntiVir Personal protects you from viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware, adware, and various other kinds of malware, making it the best tool and certainly one of the best free antivirus programs.
Avira AntiVir Personal is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000. Avira also makes a version of AntiVir Personal for UNIX. this is an advantage that it works in unix as well.

10. BitDefender Free Full version Antivirus Download

BitDefender has the most comprehensive feature set and is completely flexible.The software is a little heavy on the resources used and therefore not too popular .One special tool that is worth mentioning is the secure gamer mode. Whether you’re playing a video game or in full-screen mode for a presentation or video, the gamer mode turns off any interruptions, but doesn’t sacrifice security.

I am leaving totally up to you to select which one is the best antivirus for you. All the above antivirus software are totally free and you can download as per your requirement and your system configurations. Some of them are also available for Linux  like bitdefender, AVG, Avast etc. Even after using the anti-virus, you somehow lost your data then don’t worry there are some data recovery tools present out there for Linux to help you out. If you are a chrome user then we recommend you to check it’s some of the best extensions for more secure and safe browsing.

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  • glen

    Great reviews. I’ve used Microsoft Security Essentials for years with only one complaint — It does not clear away corrupt files, eliminate clutter nor clean the registry. For that service you have to pay and pay and pay. I guess anti-virus software makers also have to make a living. If you, my writer friend, can point me to a “free cleaner” I would be eternally grateful. Please email me your response.

  • kt

    Avast and AVG are NOT full version downloads, but CNET stub installers. I was hoping to find an antivirus full version to download/copy/install after installing a new HDD in a friend’s laptop and before going online for Windows Vista updates…. Clicking on either download link from my tablet takes me to CNET Android downloads… I can navigate around to get to CNET PC downloads, but they only have installer stubs, not full versions. I’ll try some of the others listed, but it looks like I’ll have to go online with an unprotected machine in order to protect it… Yes, I try to be even more careful with my own computers when online…

  • Amara Niazi

    Thanks. It Worked .

  • girish singh

    dear sir,

    sir please provide me an antivirus for my PC.
    my personal computer is very slow and not open my favorite software therefore please give me your best antivirus.

    Thanks & Regards!

    girish singh

  • ntendemicheal

    Hi papls i need to download a free antivirius bt i hv failed hw can i do it better?

  • SAUD


  • Gwen Nixon

    To – Ogbor Anthony —

    Let me know how you make out with this — The top reasons are usually that your Windows Firewall & Defender (or some other “Defending” program) Thinks that the download is “bad” To fix this, the safe way is to download the program on a different computer and “burn” it to a disc/jump-drive…The “un-safe” way is to turn OFF ALL (start one-by-one-if you want) of any firewall/defender/download managing programs, and then go to the web-page and try and download it now.

    Check out what the error says, like — “Windows Defender found ____ @ 223.23.32. to be malicious and prevented the download…” — Which would mean either go to Windows Defender in the Control Panel and “allow” the webpage/program through, or to disable Defender for the couple minutes that it would take to download & INSTALL your anti-virus.

    Which A.V. are you trying to download–and from where?
    Sometimes going to C-NET or File-Hippo works better than the actual home-page, also when you go to download-make sure that “pop-ups” are not turned on, and see if there is a “custom-install” — Even instead of trying to download/save/install the program, see if you can just run the setup right from there, you might get a “run” option instead of “save”

    Good Luck….

  • akash

    every one go for bitdefender

  • akash

    great work dude i have been searching for an antivirus since 2 days on net for free but could not find it any where but your site is great.
    and i will recommend ever one to use bitdefender it is the best antivirus.

  • Indranil

    This is awesome.. Thank you.

  • gmari

    I’m going to give avast a try. Norton: I purchased full priced, kept up-graded yet a worm got in and now that computer is a paper-holder (lol). Kapersky is confusing…too many windows…slowed down moving around the web. Said almost everything was to be ‘protected against’…AVG is great but the full purchase version is the best way to go. Comes with lots of ad ware and add ons though. I’ll try Avast and post my findings for cleaning drives, registry and all those pesky, sneaky programs that suddenly appear in Task Manager. I hear Micro-Trend is very efficient and user friendly as well.

  • gmari

    Everyone wants something for FREE here. Free code keys? People, don’t give them out. Try the trials…if they work for you, post intelligent reviews. Uninstall your old software, try the new one…help other posters…don’t beg for free codes already paid for. Just sayin….

  • Ogbor Anthony

    I have be trying to download an antivirus but i can’t. Why?

  • abhijit

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    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pls make it fast before 1st march pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • chandan

    avast is almost best



  • V.DIWA

    my system is secured ! thank you for free antivirus

  • ricky verma

    I Think The Best One Is COMODO……………I Am Using It Since 3 Years & I Think This Is The best Antivirus…………..


    hi frndz thanx to all of u for ur gr8 support n time
    i need activation key of Avira Antivirus Premium 2012 Final
    plz some one help me (

  • K.Rahul Chakma

    I don`t know which antivirus is the best as i am just looking for downloadin…

  • pab rubi j paul

    kespersky is the best anti virus of all

  • kabir

    pls tell me wich anti virus better and long trial for xp

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  • saudagar

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  • Charles Minchau

    I own a small business in tech support. One of my customers bought Kaspersky internet security and installed it on his vista machine.

    Kaspersky, once installed gave him many problems on his machine. Not serious problems just little things that used to be automated now had to be done manually.

    So I uninstalled Kaspersky and got him to get Avast!

    -1 Kaspersky
    +1 Avast!

  • sam

    avira is best 4 my pc? which one is best?

  • girish

    hey guys i need kespersky 2013 product key can anybody can mail at thanks……….

  • kishan patel

    trend micro antivirius is best…

  • Lisa

    So Nowa, which free antivirus software do you recommend? I am in a tight situation and cannot afford to renew McAfee. Can you help with some expertise?

  • Ahmed Baadshahh

    eset nod32 6 rc is bestest antivirus . . .

  • Adeel

    nod 32 is the best antivirus in wold

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  • abaid

    avg is my solve any problem thanks avg

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    god bless to the one who will give the product key =)

  • saqib

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    if u have any antivirus pls send me or send me its link for download.

  • mahd

    I love windwes 7

  • hi rakesh its working for kaspersky thankyou

    thanks friend

  • Muthu

    i’m already avast instalisation, but expery pls how to again instalisation avast

  • kalyan

    can u plss send me the License key of Kaspersky ? plss if u can then mail it to my id ‘ ‘ i’ll thankful to u . wait for your reply ………………

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  • Rakesh

    Use this activation code for 90 days license :

  • ra_one

    avg is best

  • Anilclassic1

    avast is best also….
    from Anil Sharma

  • JSmith

    Bitdefender Suuucccckkkkssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! My computer does nothing but freeze and crash constantly, and that is why I am here researching free antivirus…

  • Suvojit

    avast is the best

  • Ranasahill

     Microsoft Security Essentials  is the best for windows 8

  • Aarya_love

    avast is the best bset

  • Moksh Patel

    k7 2012 key: ks152-55sp-226k-5985-66s2

  • Nikola Romanoff

    kaspersky is the best !!!avast is the best 2nd

  • Aman mittal

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  • ankit prajapati

    norton anti virus is the best

  • muki

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  • muki

    every antivirus will work successfully,but when your computer is at risk no anti virus work properly

  • Abhi hussainpuria

    Norton is so best

  • Ash

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  • rajesh tiwari

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  • yassin

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  • yassin

    my friends pls can u send to me comodo antivirus licence key pls i am waiting for ur mail

  • cynic

    Kaspersky is terrible lol. AVG rocks so does Norton, McAfee, and Trend, never heard of the other ones but I doubt they are as bad as Kaspersky – seen it mess people’s computers up for no good reason other than it sucks…I would advise against it for most people.

  • muthu

    is it I want license code for comodo pls send my ID is

  • techvark

    nice antivirus software……..thanks for information

  • Vicky

    I Think The Best One Is COMODO……………I Am Using It Since 3 Years & I Think This Is The best Antivirus…………..

  • sunny

    all are cool



  • Nowa

    Everybody say avast is the best,but im a pc technician an programmer and i know for a fact that avast delete your file with the virus,it does not only delete the virus,so when your windows go crazy see if you still gona say avast is the best.

  • Knowledge

    I think avastIS is the best becuz Protects your sensitive online shopping and banking transactions, Ensures your safety on social networks (Facebook, etc.) or IM chats, Blocks hacker attacks, to protect your identity (Internet Security unique feature), Blocks spam and other scams like phishing (Internet Security unique feature), Complete end-point protection, for your desktops and laptops, Scans all the traffic your servers can handle, Tightly integrates with SharePoint Servers via Microsoft’s own AV interfaces, Capably handles unlimited mailboxes (licensed per mailbox), Saves time and costs of individual deployments, Safety from hackers and other unauthorized entry attempts (workstation only), Increase productivity by removing SPAM from your communications (now also for servers)..and for more info go here .

  • prabu

    AVG is best

  • vinod kumar

    killar antivirus download

  • shyamal

    actually norton is the best you can run many types of scans and you can also fix it so norton is the bbbeeesssttt

  • Sudipta Jana

    Thank You for see my Reply
    Avast is best in all

  • Ayush

    Avg is best

  • rahul kumar

    i want best top 10 anti vires name……….

  • Mourad

    Bitdefender is the best!!!!
    1- real time protection
    2- very fast
    3- doesn’t slow computer

  • Deekshith


    Good Evening

    I Like Top 5 Anti Virus. With Rating I am Giving They Are

    1. Avira 5/5
    2. Avast 5/5
    3. Microsoft Security Essentials 5/5
    4. Kaspersky 3.5/5 ( When We Will Install Kaspersky System Will Be Slow)
    5. Escan 4/5

  • modzodzodzo

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  • Aman surya

    1. Kaspersky Free Antivirus Download 2. Avast Free Full Antivirus Download 3. Download Free Norton 2011 Antivirus 4. Microsoft Security Essentials Free Antivirus Download 5. AVG Free Antivirus Download 6. Comodo Free Antivirus Download 7. McAfee Free Antivirus Download 8. Trend Micro Free Full version Antivirus Download 9. Avira AntiVir Free Full version Antivirus Download 10. BitDefender Free Full version Antivirus Download

  • deepanshu

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  • COOL

    Avast antiviarus i think it’s superb

  • Nasir uddin

    Kaspersky is best!

  • savi

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  • Avast

    Thanks for sharing the link, I will download avast antivirus…

  • gohar

    but avast is slow the computer

  • njaraly

    Avast is better

  • njaraly

    Avast est relativement simple et meilleure jusqu’à maintenant.

  • nusair

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  • Roshan

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  • Hari

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  • Boudi

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  • bahadurali

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  • basant soni

    there r all antivirus software is very lowest software.
    it is mean faltu.

  • aida

    my pc make shortcut pls tell me which antivirus is the best for clean shorcut virus??????????????????

  • amr

    kasparesky and Norton are the best.

  • Awais Shaikh

    Bit Defender is the Super Hit Antivirus
    I m very glad 2 use it……

  • kavita

    sab ghante varge hai

  • vipul

    Macafee is the superb

  • deepak parashar

    avast is very very best & exellenttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • kanna

    Avira was good, I used for two years, but the upgrade version that spoiled the faith on avira for me.

  • safeen


  • Vaghela Ruturajsinh.A

    Yar Avast is a verry Best and godluk

  • vansh

    i wanna know that which anti virus can be used free for a long time(about a year or more)
    only with using updates not paying anything(other than avast and avira and avg)
    if any one thinks he knows better can plz write here

  • vansh

    yar koi free anti virus itna secure nahi jitna avast hai
    baki sab 30 ya 90 day max free hote hai
    but avast is forever free

  • umesh

    yar koi free anti virus itna secure nahi jitna avast hai

  • johny

    Microsoft Security Essential is the best anti-virus with almost no false positives and easy to use without slowing down your coputer!!!!

  • imran

    norton is very good antivirus

  • mk sharma

    avast also good working but for some time thanx …………

  • samar





    very very amazing and useful site
    I like this

  • abbas

    bast soft

  • Raj

    Hello friends according to me quick heal is verry good and best one. it works very good and smoothly and many other option in this antivirus ..”trusted anti dos he boss” Use and enjoy….Raj (9898578759)

  • zain munir

    avast antivirus is best forever than any other antivirus.

  • zain munir

    avast antivirus is best forever

  • ins

    quickheal is best
    only update

  • aman

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    KAS IS B3333ST……..

  • somnath

    pls tell me which antivirus is the best??????????????????

  • Andi

    Smart thinking is the best AV !!!
    If you are stupid, even the “best of the best” AV can not help you!!!

  • power joshua

    why are most of antivirus are?

  • Arctic

    Norton? What?
    Retard site.

  • Sheikh Nasir Hussain

    Avast is d best antivirus last 3 yrs i am using Avast Antivirus………………………………………..!!Nasir

  • chandraprakashdeora

    KASPERSKY is the best of the bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt………………………….


    Norton is Super-Cool Antivirus ……….


    Norton is super cool antivirus……..

  • rahul

    friend when I use my micro sd card and downloadn songs from my pc its getting virus auto reboot into the card and when i insert in the mobile, the mobile automatically restarting automatically until I remove card. when I scan the card its showing no viruses detected. how to fix this pblm

  • Wasim Aslam

    I used almost each and every antivirus software,
    I shall announce the ratting as:
    1: ESET NOD32
    Because these are more affective and easy to use and will not make your PC slow………
    Thats what i guess

  • kourosh

    Plz tell me about F-SECURE

  • Jari Jousikivi

    norton is prollbie thebest

  • sunny

    Norton is best,
    but makes pc very very slow.
    Pls make some changes & modify.

  • Ravi kant

    avast is very bestttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • prathap swathi

    Bit Defender is the number 1 , frnds try only Bit Defender

  • Shekhar

    kas is the best

  • Manish

    Which 1 is best to remove backdoor when it got installed in ur PC

  • sanny

    3 pc in my network pc1 can access pc 2 and pc 3 but pc 2 and pc 3 can not access pc 1 some massage
    a server service is not started please contact your System administrator

  • techispot

    great kaspersky rocks

  • akshay

    norton is number 1 and besttttttttttttttttttttttttttt…………………………..

  • ali

    please send me hints , when i open any image file in my pc my computer get hang ……………………………….. what is this ?

  • Top 10 Anti Virus

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    1st Bit Defender
    2nd norton
    3rd kaspersky
    4th eset
    5th avast
    6th panda cloud
    7th AVG
    8th Microsoft Anti Virus
    9th McAfee
    10th Quick heal
    11th comodo
    12th avira
    13th Trend Micro


  • GM AntiVirus

    1st Bit Defender
    2nd kaspersky
    3rd ESET
    4th Avast
    5th Panda cloud
    6th Norton
    7th AVG
    8th MCafee
    9th Quick Heal
    10th SoftWare

  • Devendra D

    hi dear friends according to me quick heal is verry good and best one. it works good

  • altaf

    i dont no

  • Prathzzz

    deep freeze is best!!! all AV sucks….AV are for noobs….lol

  • jack

    no antivirur is good
    all are just

  • vetri

    its good to search the antivirus softwares keep it up and
    all the best

  • mariappan


  • Dinkal Patel

    Kaspersky Antivirus is the best antivirus in the world. I am use in last 6 years.kaspersky is very nice Antivirus and easy to uplode and safe you pc & Laptop and enjoy your life.

  • azhar

    avst is best……..


    Norton is da Best

  • john connor

    can any1 tell me antivirus is gud fr vista…plzzz…..

  • Wrong2un

    Avast rocks cause it is not complicated from installation to updating so as even someone who know a little bit about computer can use it

  • Kuldeep

    i think norton is best antivirus

  • kamlesh

    i tried avast, avira ,,avg, norton, bt al are useless in front of autorun virus and malware they only block bt can’t delete

  • mustafa attari

    only AVEST ussed every person

  • mustafa attari

    the avest antiwires is the best on her avest .

  • Gautam Rajak

    Every antivirus is perform better protection against virus……..if u a use more ur laptop or pc then no any antivirus protectect ur.??????????????????????

  • krishna

    kaspersky is the best antivirus.i feel it.

  • stone gold

    i tried avast, avira ,,avg, norton, bt al are useless in front of autorun virus and malware they only block bt can’t delete wiy rply frnzz ..

  • stone gold

    friends plz tel me the latest powerful antivirus wich removes all kind of viruses,as well as autorun virus and recycler virus.

  • sam ptl

    its all free man
    m using avast with incense key till 2038 :D
    C08998884R9900N5999-SS7CTHUM OR S98222485R9900L1583-UVY733ZE OR C38799999R9900F6961-ZYYBS2B4
    here its all keys

    find something new

  • felix

    kaspersky is a best anty virus

  • JOJO

    norton is the best , coz i made it..

  • Kishore

    I am currently working in development of antivirus.I came to know about lot of things internally happen and how the antivirus works.
    The worlds best antivirus is Avast and there is no doubt about that,
    and next comes norton from symantic.
    The only draw back with norton is it slows down the system and now they have overcomed that problem.Norton has a special SONOR technology as avast had sand box.
    The worlds highest selling is avast and next comes norton.
    The drawback with Kaspersky is if once any program breaks through the firewall of kaspersky,then kaspersky treats it as a trusted program.
    I tried to put in simple words.As we all know the price of product depends on the real value it gives.

  • Majid

    every one best but if you have, if have no….. then no one

  • evan

    i like the norton …………
    its is the third .
    and i like it.
    its not in 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.

  • evan

    i have all.

  • Swamykant

    Superb List. Thanks for share.

  • shiva

    kasperskey is the best

  • manohar kharkar

    Free mi hi to sub best hi magar rps. deto hi to sub antivirus fake hi

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  • Pallava Keshari Naik

    avast is the best antivirus……..
    try it now………….

  • ct

    kaspersky is the best,bcoz i test all of this ,there is some known virus that others can not detect like folder.exe,autorun.inf,recycler,some sality etc

  • Bulu

    Norton Is Best, Bcoz Now It is providing 30 days trail.

  • pratik

    for me quick heal is d best antivirus

  • G Ton

    None of the above is absolutely good…each of them can only detect and remove the most common viruses and only those viruese which were created by the founders of the antivirus itself.

  • madhu

    i think the top 5 are the best

  • hgdjH

    can u pleasesay hte activation key for any antivirus

  • saumik

    i thought all anti virus are fake.
    but npav and quickheal is the most powerful antivirus in the world
    they remove all type of virus………………

  • lalit

    Microsoft Security Essentials is the best antivirus bcz m using this antivirus so give it try

  • varun


  • james lorne

    But what do the expert testers think is what I want to know NOT what works for you.

  • sridhar

    why no quick heal antivirus or total internet security

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    all antivirus’s is fake antivirus . wy because they con’t delete undercover viruse they can delet only that virus witch , the company creating antivirus , and virus

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    For me NORTON ANTIVIRUS / NORTON INTERNET SECURITY is the best and I’m using it since 2004….. BEST OF ALL

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    avast is the best, it knocks out every antivirus on your PC

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    I am using “COMODO Internet Security PREMIUM” antivirus more than one year. It is good. You can use it. It often do update its Virus Database. It is fully free and there no question of trial period. And it gives almost full version except some paid features. I am fully satisfied with this product.

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  • MARY

    I have Bullguard Seurity in my PC which is a paid service and is excellent but a bit pricey. I cant fault it’s effeciency but need a cheaper altrnative. Which of the free ones available will match up to Bullguard?
    Your advice would be appreciated. M.

  • Robin

    Microsoft Security Essentials Free Antivirus is too gud yr….

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    dude…….antivirus is the heart of the computer so be sure to have one never mind which one you have…….i have avasti

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    anti virus in the whole world. Check it out u will see the difference men.

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  • Greenbee

    Also the shizz stopped me getting on the internet for help which was a real  NBG er –  how can an anti virus help then ? an other pc used said  rkill was good to destroy the sh  but I couldn’t get on internet to download the destroyer !!!
    is  rkill any good ?

  • Mubashir khan from kashmir

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    friends do me a favor plzzzzzzzzzzz

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    Download, Install and Enjoy.

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