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6 Free Educational Apps for Your Kids

If you are like most parents, you are definitely worried about the pace of technology. It is affecting kids in every way but luckily, you can now leverage the same to give your kids a head start in the classroom.  There are over 50 million learning apps on Apple Store while Google Play Store also boasts over 16 million educational apps. All these are geared towards making it easier for kids to learn and access learning materials.

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Better still, most of these apps are interactive and they have a playful theme which makes them ideal for learning purposes. Research shows that educational apps aid in early development of kids and learners are able to understand complex concepts earlier than before.  In addition, a Study published on Harvard Review shows technology in early education helps improve knowledge retention.

If you are a parent, you can try these free top-rated apps to guarantee your kid stays ahead of the pack. These apps also make homework a blissful affair as you don’t have to struggle with concepts which you can’t process. Take a look:

  1. FunbrainJr

This is among the most popular free apps available on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It teaches the basics of numbers including counting, subtracting and addition. There are five games involved and they all help to inculcate the idea of numbers and simple calculations in a playful mode.

  1. Khan Academy

This is a unique platform where learners are welcomed into a virtual classroom. It is ideal for any school age learner and though it started as a math site, Khan Academy now incorporates all disciplines from science, art to history.  Kids will love spending time looking at science projects, educational videos, and puzzles while also engaging in tests.

  1. Fisher-Price 

This is a great favorite with kids. The laugh and learn app is adored due to its versatility. Kids learn numbers, shapes, colors, ABCs and basic counting skills. It is ideal for kids below 5 years but even older children love the platform.

  1. Duolingo

In 2013, Duolingo won the esteemed Best of the Best by Google which proves just how highly the website and app are regarded. The free interactive platform is ideal for language learners and kids taking foreign language lessons will find it perfect. This is an app for any age and if you want your kid to speak Spanish within a few weeks, this is a great idea. While at it, why not learn some French to impress your friends?

  1. Play 123

Play 123 is popular with kids and it is no wonder it was awarded the Children’s Technology Review 2013 Editor’s Choice Award. Kids will have agreat time playing with colors, numbers, and shapes on the app and the interactive nature make it great for learning and retention of learnt ideas.

  1. Smile Tutor

One of the most frustrating things for parents is of course looking for a tutor. Luckily you can now get it done at https://smiletutor.sg/maths-tuition/ to get your kid the most recommended math tutor in your neighborhood.  For tutors with experience in IP,A Level, IGCSE and IB, you just need to fill a request and get a recommendation in 24 hours.

Go on and take advantage of these apps to get a tutor and give your kid an early introduction to numbers.

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