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Follow New Programmatic Ad Trends in 2016 and Shine

In 2015, Programmatic Advertising was very popular as it offered marketers a new and innovative approach to easily reach their target markets online. In the current year, it is expected that programmatic advertising will continue to grow and flourish and become an integral part of digital marketing. This article will delve into some most prominent and emerging trends the UK digital marketers are expecting from programmatic advertising in this year and beyond.

Huge Programmatic Spending

It is a fact that spending on digital advertising has increased during the last year and in future this spending will further increase. It is predicted by many E-marketers that the spending on programmatic advertising in the UK alone will go beyond £2 billion;this figure is 37% increase than the last year. In the UK, spending on programmatic ad in this year will account for over 50 per cent of the total spending on display advertising. Currently, people are considering the UK as the most advanced market in the area of programmatic buying. It is clear that this marketing trend will be followed by other marketers in the country this year.

More Creativity

In last year, we saw a rebirth of display advertising, with programmatic advertising approach being one of the accelerators for this. Creativity has been sparked by programmatic advertising when talk about the advertising inventory. At present, more variety has been found than ever when talk about online ad space. It is expected that more creative inventory will be there for publishers in a bid and this will help them in creating more presentable and appealing display ads. Besides the buying side, increased creativity will also be on the side of production. As the modern-day marketers are using more and more formats, they will want convenience while creating promotional banners. In future, the creators of display ads will also need a strong platform to develop their ad campaigns in HTML5. Nevertheless, more that Flash translated to HTML5 will be needed by this platform. The programmatic creative will be the future with more creativity on the cards.

For this very reason, the modern-day marketers will seek to more innovative programs with a more interactive web. Now, marketers are shifting their attention from campaigns of static banner towards ads which include video and rich media banner to reach the target audiences.

More Accessible Header Bidding

One of the technically sophisticated and most advanced examples of programmatic advertising is header bidding. It is started in last year and was very popular amongst publishers. However, there are many challenges, such as usability, faced now by header bidding. It is expected that this year may be the year to get rid of all these challenges because marketers and publishers are now realizing its core advantages.

Absolute Viewable Ad Impressions

Ad viewability is a crucial point of discussing about the programmatic ad. Besides this, this is also a general debate about the usefulness of online display ad campaign. We have seen a lot of debate concerning ad viewability in 2015. The major point was that marketers, while buying programmatically, had no awareness if the human eyes had view their ad impressions.

Last year, absolute viewable ads became something of the key of advertising inventory, with marketers wishing more industry criteria as benchmark bring into being. Google is already the leader in this specific domain as it offers these sorts of impressions. In future, it is expected that programmatic ad impressions with absolute viewability will become the standard.

Programmatic in All Places

As a result ofsporadicity of advertising channels, the campaigns of cross-channel advertising have always been tricky to implement. Last year, programmatic has been grownon the desktop as well as on television and mobile. It has also been found by advertisers that cross-channel programmatic ad operations could be very effective in last year, and in the current year they are making planto spend more in this vast area.

Moving Towards ROI

Display advertising campaigns have been often used for awareness campaigns, besides, from click-through rates have not been capable of comprehending the influence made by their display advertising approaches. The advancements in marketing technology are turning the focus of marketers on the endeavors of the ROI generated, and they are shifting the target of their display advertising programs and towards ROI instead of developing awareness. According to marketers, increased ROI is one of the mainadvantages of programmatic. Besides display advertising, the campaigns of programmatic advertising become extremelycrucial and the reason is that it lets marketers to escalate their ROI by targeting their diverse consumer segments in an effective manner. In fact, it is good news for marketers and it provides consumers with a better experience.

Moment Marketing

It is also expected that 2016 will be shaped by one of the excellent marketing trends known as moment marketing. In fact, moment marketing is one of the most popular techniques in social media networking platforms. Nevertheless, for display marketers this has never been a reality and there is two reasons behind this: (1) Promotion through banners is an extensive, inflexible and grueling process, prior to the introduction of programmatic advertising method it was not possible for advertisers to market in the moment as they were pushed to buy in advance their advertising inventory and, hence, could not alter their banner ads or respond to offline happenings once their advertising campaign was published. Nevertheless, the modern-day advertisers are now allowed by using programmatic advertising campaign to buy ad inventory on an impression by impression basis. It suggests that they their campaigns can be pushed by them to the right people and at the right moment (time).

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