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4 Flyer Design Techniques Expert Marketers Use

There are quite a few people out there who will tell you that flyers and other traditional, “real-world” marketing schemes just don’t have the inherent effectiveness of platforms such as websites and digital advertising. While this may be true if you’re planning on marketing to a national or global audience, it is important to remember that flyers are an outstanding marketing resource for those seeking to develop a connection with their local demographic. Flyers are a great promotional tool and even more so with the right flyer design. They are a good tool because they are out in the local area which can produce a significant bond with local consumers.

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That being said, it is all too easy to compromise on certain key aspects of flyer design in an attempt to keep the budget low and the turnaround time short. In many cases, this leads to a sharp decrease in quality and return on investment.

Here are four flyer design techniques expert markets use to make sure that their work stands out amidst a crowded field of competitors.

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Technique #1: Simplicity

Like any form of advertising, it is important to remember that the message must be direct and concise in order for it to be compelling. Flyer design must be simple as audiences don’t have the time or interest to decode a confusing or esoteric display on your flyer. Whether you are selling a product / service or promoting an event, make sure that readers know all vital details in the first few seconds of engagement. This is vital if you are going to get interest from local consumers because the readers will want something that is personal to each individual and something that a consumer can relate to.

Technique #2: Placement

One of the many reasons that flyers have gotten a bad reputation for being ineffective is that, in many cases, they are taken down before anyone sees them! Knowing where to place your flyer is just as important as flyer design and content of the flyer itself. Make sure that you find a location where flyer placement is permitted. If multiple locations are available, pinpoint a spot where there is consistent pedestrian traffic. Ideally, the pedestrian traffic is composed primarily of individuals that match your target demographic! This is vital because you need to get as many people as possible to see your flyer so you have to do research to see where the most people go in your target area, which this should see a successful advertisement of your flyer.

Technique #3: Quantity

Flyer placement is, by its very nature, a bulk marketing scheme. The more flyers you can print and post, the better! Find an affordable flyer printing company that offers low-cost bulk printing rates and create as many flyers as your budget allows. This will ensure the largest geographical spread of your flyers, and thus, market reach. This will obviously help because if you have a large number of flyers you can print out then you can further enhance where you place your flyers. This will only mean more people seeing your flyers which means more potential consumers.

Technique #4: Colour Scheme

The colour scheme used in a flyer design is so very important as flyers must stand out in order to be effective. If possible, print your flyer using bold colours in order to ensure that it “pops out” relative to the other flyers in close vicinity. Whilst doing this you need to make sure that if you use bold colours it has to be relevant to your flyer. This will make more of an impact for consumers to read.

With all these flyer design techniques combined it should make your flyers a success.

Good luck!

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