Sometimes you don’t have internet access especially if you are travelling on a plane or just about to begin a journey (as you never know where will your life take you). In this case, keeping all your needed stuff with you is always a good option. You can download your favorite site or a single web page or even latest news on your hard drive before going on a journey, so that you can carry out your work without any interruption even if you don’t have any internet connection. But, how will you do this? Some awesome tools make it quite easy to do. Scroll down to to know more.Download site and read Offline Download a complete website to read it Offline - How to Download a complete website to read it Offline - How to download site and read offline

Downloading a complete website

You can download any of your favorite website by using an open source tool- HTTrack. HTTrack comes up with two versions, one has it’s own GUI (supports only all versions of Windows) and other is web based version (for Linux/Unix/BSD users). At a first glance you may find this tool somewhat difficult to use but when you get used to it, you will recognize it’s benefits and advantages. This highly configurable tool allows you to download an entire website (downloading time depends upon the size of the website’s database). It makes an exact copy of the downloaded website by arranging it’s relative link-structure. So, when you read your website offline, you can easily navigate from one page to another as if you are reading it online. With HTTrack you can also update existing downloaded website and can continue any interrupted download. If you struck with anything while using it then you can take a look on their integrated help system.

For Mac users, we will recommend you to use SiteSucker that do the same thing in more efficient way.

Downloading Latest News

For those who want to remain up-to-date with the latest news and events, it would be good if they skip downloading the whole website. They can do this by using either Calibre or NewstoEbook (that also supports Google reader and also let’s  you to convert news stream of your choice into EPUB or MOBIPOCKET e-book file. ). Downloading all the latest News using calibre is really very simple. All you need is to open the software first and then click “Fetch News” option. It will show the list of all the websites of daily newspapers and their categories. Just select the newspaper of your choice to fetch the news. You all done!

Note that, in some cases you need to be subscribed to some websites in order to download the news using Calibre. This comprehensive e-book software also comes up as a portable application. This means you can run Calibre on any machine and it will serve as all-in-one solution for your e-book needs.

Downloading single Web page

Though nothing is more easy than using “Save as” option of your browser to download any web page. But still you can use some brilliant tools that serve same functions. I personally like Pocket and Evernote for this work. Pocket is one of the best app that allows you to keep your stuff with you whether it is a video or web pages or anything that you find interesting on the web. So that you can access your stuff later even if you don’t have internet connection.

Another is Evernote that performs similar tasks- captures anything, saves it and allows you to access it from anywhere.

Final Note:

So these are the tools that we think are the best to download website for offline reading. If you know some other tools that are really well to serve this purpose (and I somehow missed), feel free to share it with us through comments. And yes, if you are planning to go on a trip, don’t forget to use these tools to download your stuff.