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10 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Logo

All minded businessmen, regardless they represent writing business like this or any other sphere of use, are aware of the importance of logos. The company’s logo tells the story of the brand to the whole world. Every day, customers and potential customers of the company see your logo, and every day you have chances to draw their attention to your business. However, a poorly designed logo can easily spoil the brand’s image or even completely destroy it. Therefore, no matter you need to design a real estate company logo or you’re interested in sports logo design, it must be well-done in terms of both perception and relevance.

No matter how wonderful your products and services are: if you don’t have an appropriate logo to represent your brand, then please forget about the success. Herein lies the answer to the question why companies spend so much time and efforts hiring the best logo designers and studios.

Of course, developing an astonishing logo isn’t an easy challenge. The process of creating includes many steps and requires inspiration. The logo has to be not just “beautiful” but meaning, that is, expressing the corporate identity of the brand.

In the paper, I will consider the 10 worst logo mistakes that can lead any business to complete failure.

#1 Plagiarism/Copying the Style of Someone Else’s Logo

The Internet is full of plagiarism, not only in design but also in many other areas. A good designer knows stealing someone else’s logo is unacceptable.

Put yourself in the place of a customer who has just paid for the creation of a new logo. If it appears the logo is stolen, then the client will be unhappy and will unlikely cooperate with further. Plus, you’ll get negative feedback.

Please don’t try to steal/copy the logo even if it is not very well-known.

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#2 Too Complicated Design/Excessive Elements

Imagine you just took up an exciting project and have numerous ideas in mind, each of which can be implemented.
By the time of the deadline, all the ideas converge into one. In this case, sometimes the design appears to be too overloaded with various elements, and logo turns to be unclear.

The logo should be simple, with understandable message and content.

#3 Poor Color Gamut

Another common mistake lies in the choice of color combinations not suitable for each other. Naturally, the logo can be very colorful, but not all colors can be successfully combined with each other.

image3 10 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Logo 10 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Logo image3

It is best to start a logo design with black and white version since it has a positive impact on the adaptability.
Use tools such as Adobe Color to select the color of the logo and choose the best color combination.
Do not forget about the particular features of the order when choosing the color gamut.

#4 Wrong Fonts

Many designers make stupid mistakes when selecting a font for a logo. Here are a few tips on the subject:
-An interval between letters and words should be neither too big nor too small to provide optimal readability.
-Do not use Times New Roman or Arial standard fonts installed on every PC.
-The fonts must be consistent with the objectives.

#5 The Logo that is not Suitable for the Media

Sometimes designers forget to check whether the logo looks good on different surfaces. Most of the logos of our time appear on a large number of carriers, so be sure to consider this factor if you don’t want to redesign your logo after a certain period of time.

image4 10 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Logo 10 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Logo image4

#6 Slipshod Design

It happens that the designer ignores goals and objectives of the client. The customer has paid/will pay for the services, right? So don’t you think he wants to have the project done for his purposes, not for yours?

Never ignore the customer’s needs and requirements if you’re interested in high reputation on the market.

#7 Images Downloaded from the Internet

Strange, but it happens that studios and designers simply download the image from the Internet, change it a little, and present to the client as a final result. Don’t do that! Be original. Spend as much time as needed to bring the ideas to life.

#8 Unnecessary Additional Elements

There are some characters you never need to add: “Co.”, “L.L.C.”, “Inc.”, and so on. These things distract attention from the most important things in the logo.

#9 Use of Improper Software

A professional logo designer must use the correct software. At the moment, Adobe Illustrator is the best tool for creating a high-quality logo (in my opinion, of course). The software for logo design is based on vector graphics, so you don’t need to make logos in Photoshop.

#10 Ignoring Essential Steps of Design

Many logo designers spend too much excessive time due to the fact they do not pass all required stages:

  1. Creation of a brief. Please write a general brief, including basic questions to the client. That will help you to understand the client better.
  2. Research. Before you start studying the market, please pay attention to your competitors. If the customer already has a logo, think about how you can improve it.
  3. Sketches. Take a notepad and draw sketches on the ideas you have. Make as many sketches as you can, no matter how obvious they seem to be. The main point is to filter out the clichés and leave only the best options.
  4. Concept. Gather all your sketches and scan them or draw in the vector. Then look at the project again and think whether there is something unnecessary or superfluous. Play with color and fonts to guess the option that works best. Don’t stop generating new ideas!
  5. Cogitation. Take a break, shut down your computer and try to forget about the project at least for a few hours. By doing this, you’ll somehow refresh your mind and then look at what you have done at the different angle. Some of the “brilliant” ideas may seem as not so good after a short break. Also, you can ask your friends and relatives about the design to understand how other people see it. Although this step is not essential, it can greatly help you.
  6. Release to the client. Select some of the best designs and demonstrate them to the client. Do not show him all available options. Use layouts and try to explain the basic idea of each sketch. Remember that not all possess creative thinking.
  7. Feedback. Almost any project will have some suggestions about color and fonts. Even if you think everything is perfect, please listen to the client. Typically, the customer selects 1 or 2 options – from that point you can proceed to the next stage. However, sometimes you need to go back to the fourth step and rethink everything.
  8. Improvements. When the final concept is ready, you may need to develop the other elements of the brand, i.e. create a brand book that includes a plurality of components.
  9. The final stage. If the customer is happy, it’s time sent him the final version of the logo. A standard set includes an original logo, a vector copy, and PDF/EPS/jpeg/png versions.

A tip: to avoid these mistakes: fairly answer the basic questions when designing a logo.

image5 10 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Logo 10 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Logo image5

Before you start working, do the research: carefully read the brief and ask additional questions if something is unclear. Once you’ve done several projects step by step, the algorithm above will be deposited in your memory, and everything will go much easier.

Brian Jens is a part of DesignContest staff. Although Brian is a logo designer, he loves doing researches as much as design. He is always in the spotlight; he never misses new and trendy things appear on the market. Feel free to suggest Brian your craziest ideas; most likely, you’ll get high-quality articles in turn.

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Brian Jens

Brian Jens is a blogger and moderator at DesignContest.com
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