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Console War: PlayStation 4 VS Xbox One

As a generation of console gamers, we face a great debate which has raged on for years at this point; which is the superior gaming machine, Microsoft’s Xbox One or Sony’s PlayStation 4?

Tech specs and gimmicks aside, it is generally the console which can provide the most games to the market, particularly exclusives, which wins the hearts and minds of gamers. This is why the original PlayStation vastly outsold both the Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast put together; it simply had a lot more games to offer, meaning it appealed to a much broader spectrum of gamers, particularly those who, up until then, had only a casual interest in playing video games. Sony learned much from their first foray into the home-based games console market and have made this quantitative approach to game licensing central to their ongoing strategy.

As far as this current generation of video games is concerned, the Xbox One currently has 850 games to choose from. While this in itself is an impressive number, only about 30 of them are actually exclusives, which isn’t the greatest ratio. By contrast, the PS4 has well over a thousand games in its library, over 100 of which are console exclusives. That’s roughly three exclusive PlayStation 4 titles for each Xbox One exclusive. In terms of sheer numbers, the PS4 is the clear winner here.

Of course, numbers aren’t everything, the quality of games available also plays a really big part in establishing a console’s dominance as well. Take this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo as a measuring stick; both consoles unveiled a vast array of cool new titles, making it tricky to pick out a clear winner. While Xbox did offer a good account of itself, the majority of gaming pundits believe that Sony’s console had a slightly better showing this year. Of course, we cannot tell for sure as the games have yet to be released and we are simply judging them on the strength of their trailers for the time being. Only time will truly tell if this is actually the case.

Kratos Vs Master Chief Console War: PlayStation 4 VS Xbox One Console War: PlayStation 4 VS Xbox One Kratos Vs Master Chief

Granted, it all comes down to a matter of taste when it comes to deciding which games are the best as everyone has their own personal favourites. After all, who am I to say that God of War is a better franchise than Halo or that the latest Gears of War installment is more fun to play than Uncharted 4? At the end of the day, it’s not about gloating rights or anything silly like that. You should simply side with whichever console gives you the most fun and makes you feel happiest in your own heart of hearts.

All that said though, if you were a gambler, you’d have to play the percentages and follow the numbers for the best chance of ‘winning’. With that in mind, there can be no denying that Sony’s PS4 has a significantly broader selection of games on the market right now, particularly in relation to ones which cannot be played on any other gaming machine. With that in mind, the smart money is backing the PlayStation 4 as you simply have a better chance of finding games that suit your style of play if there is more to choose from. That’s not to run down the Xbox One by any means, but it would be hard not to recommend the PS4 to a newcomer if they found themselves in an ‘either-or’ situation.

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