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Company Showcase Web Design Pick: The One Page Web Design

The right design for your company can lead to great success on the web. With so many different design layouts, it can be hard for a company to know which works best for them. A great company web design should do a great job of showcasing all the companies services to their fullest potential and creating an excellent first-time visitor experience at the same time.

The One Page Web Design

The one-page web design is recently trending and the most qualified web design for companies to use. The one-page design does a great job of showcasing everything that a company has all in one page. That is why it is called the one-page design, its name defines its design. Read below as we have grouped the top qualities of the one-page design. 

The Top Qualities of a One Page Design

1- Mobile Friendly. Mobile standards are solid and here to stay!With the amount of mobile device use, web design standards have changed. There are millions of searches a day made through mobile devices. A regular person is use to making purchases through their mobile device and browsing the web many times on a daily basis. This is why we need to please mobile website visitors. Mobile devices have impressive internet plans,but a mobile internet isn’t as strong and as large as a desktop with an ethernet connection. This where the one-page web design comes in. When a web visitor goes on a site that has a one-page design, everything automatically loads on 1 page. In comparison with a multi-page design, the multi-page design would essentially have every page ( home,about,contact) on the menu in different URL locations. So if a web visitor clicks on a multi-pages contact link, they would have to wait for their internet to load up the contact page. In a one-page web design, everything is already loaded. Being that the one-page design includes all the most important links on one page, the menu doesn’t direct to new links,it navigates within its own page in a vertical motion. This is one of the top reasons why the one-page design is very mobile friendly!

2- Large Space. The one-page design is essentially a bigger form of web design. The page is longer and its scrolling is even lengthier. This type of design has been proven to satisfy the average website visitor. A Parallax effect is commonly seen with the 1-page web design to make the long scrolling just a bit smoother.

3- Company Showcase. The one-page design is easy to understand for the average first-time web visitor. This is why the one-page web design provides a great company display. The one-page design does an amazing job in terms of company branding, creativity, and design. When companies home,about,reviews,and contact info are all included on the first page, this provides an amazing all out company showcase!

Why are Website Visitors important?

1- Your Company is Scaled by your Web Design. On the internet, websites are the only items that are being judged. Depending on the overall performance of your website, your company will be auto-scaled/judged by an average web visitor.

2-Bounce Rates vs Longer Stay Time. If a web design doesn’t have a great performance rate, chances are that most web visitors will leave the page. This will cause a website to have high bounce rates and this will result to SEO ranks drooping.  The key is to engage visitors with your web design and increase the overall visitor stay time as it will produce a better result in terms of SEO and design satisfaction. Alexa is a great place to track your bounce rates. 

3-Increased Subscribers, Shares, and Leads. Web visitors that will stay longer on a page and have a great first-time web experience are most likely to subscribe to a web page, share the site on social media, or become a future lead.

As we analyzed above, creating that first impression on the web for your company is one of the key things to do. A great web design that creates a professional and reliable atmosphere for the first time web visitor. The one-page web design does an amazing job showcasing a company and providing a mobile friendly design at the same time.

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Andy is a professional web design developer,currently with a web design company. Over the years, Andy has gain great experience in designing websites for companies.
Company Showcase Web Design Pick: The One Page Web Design ee5e7d5bb6d6a099b289faa7da95dc42 s 80 d http 3A 2F 2Fwww

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