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Can Upgraded Design Increase Traffic?

web design

An Ascend2 report from 2015 states that over 70% of marketers in the world highlight creating relative content as the most effective SEO tactic. On the other hand, another report states that 94% more total views on average are lured by content that contains captivating images than the one with no images. After taking this into consideration, it becomes pretty …

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Targeted Internet Marketing Strategies—Converting Traffic into Money


Internet marketing is one of the most powerful and consistently-expanding industry presently, which has gained a lot of popularity these recent years. Thus, it resulted to thousands of business that prefer to endorse and sell their products and services through the Internet, aiming to learn, develop, and use the latest Internet marketing solutions. The battle has shifted from another field, …

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Free Traffic Blueprint


Free Traffic Blueprint –How often have you wondered what it would be like to get tons of free traffic to your website? Not just a trickle of traffic, mind you, but mass amounts of highly targeted traffic that could generate lots and lots of sales for you, so that you can start to live the life of freedom, comfort and …

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How to Get Targeted Traffic For Any Niche


How to Get Targeted Website Traffic For Any Niche Website traffic is a sure way to boost your income. The more targeted your website traffic, the better your potential for profit. The good news is there are many ways to drive targeted traffic to your website. Here are just a few to help you get the ball rolling. * Article …

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3 Sources of Referral Traffic and why you shouldn’t focus on any one

social media

Every person who has a website wants to drive traffic to it, whether it’s a small personal blog for fun or an official corporate website. Formerly, the major focus of site owners directed towards Google organic search traffic, but with the competition rife today, this is no longer an option. You may rely on Google as your main source, only …

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