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Why Social Media?

Almost everyone uses some type of social media. It can really pay off for your business if you use it correctly. Through social media, your business can not only make money, but it can increase the satisfaction of its customers, create fans, and improve the reputation of your company. It

LinkedIn or Facebook – What works best for Professionals?

So what’s better for professionals, LinkedIn or Facebook? Actually, this is one of the easiest questions one could ask, as, no surprise, LinkedIn wins the fight hands down. Yes, Facebook has over 1.35 billion members while LinkedIn has 350 million. Yes, Facebook is the World’s Social Network,

How to Get More Twitter Followers – Social Media Tips You Can Use!

Are you one of those people who are absolutely crazy about Twitter? Twitter is an insanely addictive medium; it is an obsession with many – an obsession that simply does not go away. Perhaps you’ve wondered how to get more Twitter followers. It’s quite simple really –

10 Twitter Tools used by Social Media

Get The Most Out Of Your Social Media Strategy with these 10 Twitter Tools Used By Social Media Experts There are so many Twitter apps out there that it can become difficult to decide which ones to use for managing your account. Fortunately,this list can help you make

Top 3 Most Effective Social Network in 2015

Nothing beats the social media fever. Ads/exposures are best popularized by top social media sites. A significant 92% of marketers said that social media was important to their businesses. To name who ranked top 3 as the Most Effective Social Network in 2015, based on social networks

Benefits of Scheduling your Tweets

Scheduling Tweets Scheduling tweets might sound like a tough job for you that will just waste your time but do you know what a scheduled tweet is or what it does? First of all, a scheduled tweet is a Twitter status update that has a future publish

Social Media in Business

Have you ever thought of why your business should be in social media or why you should start using social media for your business? If you haven’t noticed it yet, a business using social media had a bunch of opportunities and benefits showering them. Whether it is

Send Money via Facebook Messenger

From the rumors last October of 2014, it is now official! Facebook Messenger now is not just for chatting among your pals. You can now send and receive money through it at no cost with Facebook’s send money app. But you may ask ‘How do we use

Facebook Secrets for Business

Boost your business by using Facebook the right way. Do you want to achieve the dream of attaining a full-time income working from home? Are you struggling to make sales, build your list and get traffic to your website?  Do you wonder if Internet Marketing isn’t all

Social Media Mistakes that can Hurt your Reputation

Social media has become one of the major elements in building a brand. When used in the right way, Social Media can build your brand very quickly. Social Media can give you loyal followers and positive feedbacks that can make your brand last for many years to