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How to Successfully Use Social Media to Brand Your Resume

"hands creating digital reality"

Personal branding. Sounds a little bit scary, doesn’t it? Actually, anything that brings to the table the word “personal” can be off-putting since it clearly requires plenty of effort and knowledge of oneself on an insightful level. But there’s no denying that personal branding is a necessity these days. The times of robotic and dull labor are long gone, now …

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The LEGIT Way to Get More Followers on Twitter

how to get more twitter followers

The Twitter stock has been down for over a year now on the NASDAQ stock exchange, but there is no question that the company yields far more influence than what it is financially worth. The Twitter management just haven’t been able to get their business model right and have failed to convert the massive popularity of Twitter into profits. But that …

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10 Facebook new updates that every user would like

Facebook is a tag that makes adamant efforts to make it the standing one in the market with all its new inventions all the time among the people. To get the best out of this diverse social media site, one need to know what all features are being updated and what are the new introductions in the personating app, Facebook. …

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Tech Investing 2016 – Catching The Facebook of Tomorrow

Tech Investing

The Tech Industry and Tech Investing is the single largest investment opportunity in the United States in 2016 and we have covered this topic here in geekersmagazine.com  Tech Investing 2016 – Catching The Facebook of Tomorrow   The Tech Industry is far bigger than the financial sector or the industrial sector. This is so because technology is ever present in our …

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5 Twitter Marketing Mistakes to Avoid


Everyone makes it sound like marketing on Twitter is duck soup. And as a marketer, you may have thought it was, only to realize later that there’s a lot more to it. Simply your tweets are not going to get you tons of followers or engagement, much less potential customers. So, what could make your Twitter marketing campaigns so lackluster? …

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9 Best Instagram Accounts Marketers Should Follow


There’s plenty a marketer should know when it comes visual aesthetics and ways to inspire. Add social media to the mix and perhaps only one name will conjure up: Instagram. While there are plenty of other picture-sharing apps, none of them has managed to gain the same amount of popularity(or audience) that Instagram has. Currently, Instagram has over 300 million …

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5 Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram


No matter what social media site it is, users always want to see the number of their followers increasing rapidly and here we share 5 tips to get more followers on Instragram. People want to make themselves popular in every platform and in order to do this, they prefer social networking sites like Instagram, where they can show off all …

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Sharing content using social media

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How to Effectively Promote Yourself as a New Content Creator on a Shoestring Budget by sharing content using social media. If you’re passionate about doing creative work, nothing sounds more appealing than making a living from what you enjoy doing. Whether the content you create is articles, videos, music or anything else, it’s simply not enough to post it to your blog …

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Top 10 Twitter Marketing Tips 2016


Twitter has had a rough ride recently and has had to shed 10 percent of its workforce. The Twitter stock has plummeted as well. Regardless, Twitter continues to be an extremely popular social network with over 380 million users all over the world. Twitter offers excellent marketing opportunities for small businesses as well. Let’s look at the top 10 Twitter Marketing …

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Top 5 Social Media Sites 2016

social media

So what are the top social media sites 2016?  We have selected 5 of the most popular social media platforms. Our sole criterion for selection is the traffic or the number of users on each of these sites. Now, just because a social media site has a large number of users, doesn’t necessarily make it better than the others – …

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