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Building your brand for market success

When someone hears your name, there are impressions that are conjured up that influence their feelings about you and your brand in the market place.

The same is the case with products in the market, whenever they hear about a certain company’s name they have certain impressions that are conjured up that influence their thinking about the product and whether they will make a purchase or not.

These are the thoughts which define your brand.

A brand is not the posters and TV ads; it is all in the mind of the customer, the impressions that they make when they encounter your logo, name and slogan.

There are several simple things that contribute to how your brand is perceived by the public. The business address is one of such things. Everything that is related to your business will always push a person to form an impression concerning your business and your brand. These impressions are the ones that lead to a mind-set concerning your business and the products you sell. Changing the impressions that people have formed of your business is never a simple task. You definitely do not want people referring to your brand as that company with a funny logo or poor packaging.

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Secrets to powerful branding

You can create a very powerful brand without having a power brand. There is a difference between these two. A power brand is one that has international repute. These are brands like BMW, Levi and so forth. A small business might not be able to achieve that but it can still become a powerful brand. The power of brand lies in the extent to which it is known. If visited a country like Kenya and ask for margarine people are probably going to wonder what you are talking about. The best known margarine here is ‘Blue Band’. Now this is a powerful brand. It is not known across the globe but it commands a market in a specific country.

One of the secrets to powerful branding is figuring out the brand image that you would like to project to the public. You have that logo in place, a slogan and high quality products to sell- the next step is to let people know that you have all of these. Some companies will go for costly adverts on TV while others will simply use custom boxes with the company logo and slogan. Both are excellent ways to get the product some attention but one is cheaper than the other.

The second thing that you ought to do is dedicate your business’ existence to projecting the brand well. If you decide to promote via the branded boxes then you should stick to it until it pays off. Do not be tempted to compromise and get some boxes that have a logo and others that do not. This is one recipe for failure.

Finally, spend what is necessary to get the message to your target market. For the aforementioned brand Blue Band, they can easily get away with a few adverts and maximizing on the use of custom boxes. This is because they already command the market. These are simple tips that you can employ today and get your brand on its way to great market success.

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