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How to Build Your Visibility With These 4 Video Tools

In the today’s crowded market, visibility is difficult to achieve and has become an ideal. That is why IT experts are struggling to find the right tools that will propel them forward and lift them in the eyes of their clients. It’s virtually impossible to start off a business with an established base, though, we all like to dream about it.

Having a great idea, good product, amazing service, and all the technical aspects nailed down are for naught if people can’t find you and enjoy what you have to offer. There are numerous tips and tricks to build your visibility, but have you ever thought of what video tools can do to help you? The best part is that it doesn’t take a genius or a hyper-powered computer to alter videos anymore, not with so many great and free editing software options on the market.

Video Connection

Ever wondered what’s reeling in audiences towards reality-type entertainment and platforms like YouTube? Both of these things have in common one factor: authenticity. At the very least, that is the case for the most part.

People have started to grow tired of professional ties, of service-providers that clearly treat them as a means to an end. Moviegoers want studios to stop making films for money and start making motion pictures they actually want. Audiences enjoy reality TV because they prefer real, raw emotions over the obvious fiction in movies, TV shows, etc. Those are people they can relate to.

YouTubers are still a fairly obscure and unknown addition to the world of entertainment, but they’re growing so fast specifically because of how well they connect with their audiences. They speak directly to you, they offer insights into their lives, you can engage directly with them and influence their journey. Your views matter, your likes matter, and your comments can dictate the outcome of an idea.

The main idea is that they make you feel like you matter among the crowd and as if you’re being prompted exclusively.

As a Business Strategy

Marketing, branding, and sales without emotional targeting is starting to become an extinct and a fairly unwanted species. As long as your main goal is to tap into the emotional core of the customers, you have to try your best to shed off the professional and ethical aura and to properly connect with them.

If you do that, you will manage to achieve a ton of things:

  • People will be able to place a face to the business. Simply knowing that there is a real person behind this one website is enough of a relief to boost up trust.
  • It will improve the likelihood of these viewers returning to you for additional purchases.
  • You will be given a loyal base of customers.
  • You can build your visibility by bringing in new people among those watching said videos.
  • Long story short, it’s a medium to craft trust, loyalty, emotional ties, and to prove that you

But “video tools” is a bit of a broad term. So, what kind of tools can you use, exactly?

#1 YouTube

1-youtube  How to Build Your Visibility With These 4 Video Tools 1 youtube

YouTube may not sound like a “tool” per se, but it certainly can become one in the right hands and circumstances. Many careers are built right on YouTube. Others use it as a means to build an already existing brand. For example, deciding to publish promotional videos on YouTube and prompting people to visit your website to see more is a pretty common strategy.

YouTube is particularly great for people working in creative fields. If you enjoy cooking or baking, there is no better place to share these adventures other that the Google-owned platform. Alternatively, publishing vlogs on YouTube as a musician, painter, or artist in general is another good way to go.

#2 YouNow

2-younow  How to Build Your Visibility With These 4 Video Tools 2 younow

All of these tools with a “you” in the title are great environments to tie up connections both between a creator and a viewer. YouNow has been starting to really take off in recent years as one of the most popular video streaming websites around. It’s frequently used by people who specifically wish to seek out better connections with their audiences and by people that have had no audience prior to setting up their first stream.

YouNow is available on all kinds of devices, and it comes packed with a built-in chat that allows your viewers to communicate with you. It’s a particularly great way to get personal with people and audiences, and the best part is that, almost undoubtedly, your stream will attract people unfamiliar with you as well.

#3 Open Broadcaster

3-obs  How to Build Your Visibility With These 4 Video Tools 3 obs

The knack with YouNow is that it only records via webcam, so it’s useful as long as you want to become the focus of the stream. However, if you want to showcase something different, you need to look towards a proper broadcasting video tool next. Even though this technique doesn’t involve showing off your face, it doesn’t really cut away from the impact.

If you wish to set up a professional, but free broadcast, of something, Open Broadcaster should be at the top of your choice list. Many Internet personalities were born on broadcasting and streaming websites, with Twitch being perhaps the best example. You may be able to gain attention by broadcasting drawing sessions, your creative process in writing, or anything that will get the website’s audiences interested in your stream.

#4 Facebook Live

4-facebook  How to Build Your Visibility With These 4 Video Tools 4 facebook

Last but not least, if you’re seeking out new bases on websites where you have to start from zero, then you can always play it safe and keep it on social media. Facebook has developed a live streaming feature, as you may be aware, which can greatly help to build your visibility.

You can showcase product demos, teasers, trailers, or have Q&A sessions. Since Facebook profiles really attract only those already invested in what you have to offer, you have no doubts about their interests. Of course, in best case scenario, they will also share the video or stream, which will bring new people in. As safe as it is, it can also end up being counterproductive since it doesn’t necessarily help you expand to newer audiences.


You can connect with people on a personal level through casual streaming, you can make vlogs, or you can stream “behind-the-scenes” things. The world of video tools is wide and full of possibilities. All it remains is for you to take action.

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Amanda Wilks is a Boston University graduate and a part-time writer. She has a great interest in everything related to job-seeking, career-building, and entrepreneurship and loves helping people reach their true potential.
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