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9 Best Instagram Accounts Marketers Should Follow

20150904203024-instagram-cellphone-social-network best instagram accounts 9 Best Instagram Accounts Marketers Should Follow 20150904203024 instagram cellphone social networkThere’s plenty a marketer should know when it comes visual aesthetics and ways to inspire. Add social media to the mix and perhaps only one name will conjure up: Instagram. While there are plenty of other picture-sharing apps, none of them has managed to gain the same amount of popularity(or audience) that Instagram has. Currently, Instagram has over 300 million active users of which 75 million check in to Instagram every day.

For marketers that are only after “what’s hot” instead of a specific audience, this only means that there are few places to look. To quicken the process even more, we curated a list of the best Instagram accounts that marketers should follow. These accounts may include images, videos, and other content with respect to branding, marketing campaigns, tips and tricks on how to drive traffic and capture a large audience. Give ‘em a follow!

  • Pete Cashmore(@petecashmore): In case you don’t already know, PeteCashmore is the CEO of Mashable, of the best digital media platforms,featuring the latest news and information on social media marketing. Cashmore’sInstagram account is certainly one of the most creative ones you can find with content that naturally inspires through stories of his life. No selling, no nothing. Just a personal life.
  • Socinova (@socinova): Socinova is a great place to look for tips and inspiration if you’re a marketer. Although they are focused on social media marketing, it can also be liked and followed by marketers of all backgrounds who simply want to be in the loop with the latest trends.
  • The Social Agency (@thesocialagencyllc): This is the perfect Instagram account for little businesses, social media marketers, project managers, or anyone who loves branding. You can find design tips, resources, and quotes for inspiration. Since this is a consultation service that aims to drive out the creativity of their clients, it’s fitting to have a look at what they can manage for their own account.
  • Seth Godin (@sethgodin): Seth Godin was dubbed “America’s greatest marketer” by American Way Magazine. He also owns and runs one of the world’s most popular blog. It’s easy to understand why he’s the top choice for many, many marketers and a must-follow on all social media accounts. Seth Godin never fails to impress. And even on Instagram, his posts are full of images and quotes that are meant to inspire. Even though his posts are infrequent, there’s no reason not to wait for one of his golden quotes.
  • Focused Action (@focusedaction): Rob Sneed, the owner of the account Focused Action, is a motivational speaker in the automotive industry. His Instagramaccount contains “all-orignal” content that you can easily repost as long as you tag him or give him a mention in the post. His account has a selection of beautiful images with inspirational quotes. If you’re a graphic designer, digital artist, or simply a lover of quotes, this account is certainly worth a follow. And the best part is that the owner permits you to repost his content!
  • Daily Simple Truths (@dailysimpletruths): Now this is not specific to marketing, but it is certainly something marketers in need of inspiration could make good use of. Daily Simple Truths aims to give its followers a daily dose of inspiration with wonderful and “truthful” quotes. The account has gained a massive following so far (13.6k) and each post gets over a thousand likes.
  • Sean Wes (@seanwes): If you want to learn how to sell a personal brand without having to be someone famous, here’s a perfect account that can teach you just that. Wes is certainly an artist, but so are many marketers! His account is full of pictures of his brilliant work, doodles, and other things related to his passion for hand lettering and typography. What’s makes his account even more creative and unique is the way he uses his skill to share beautiful quotes.
  • Marketing Inspiration (@marketinginspiration): Looking for marketing inspiration? Just add an@ sign and there’s the perfect Instagramaccount for you! Here is where you can find anything related to the field of marketing, be it a print ad, banner, product, service, or anything that could inspire the creative minds of marketers. You can also find inspirational quotes and other content related to famous marketing campaigns, digital statistics, innovative design, UX, and more.
  • Gap Year Escape (gapyearescape) : This is one of the most popular Instagram accounts owned and run by Amar, who has travelled 7 continents. Apart from that, Amar is also an editor, author, and entrepreneur who has been featured in Times, BBC, and Lonely Planet. Whether or not you’re a travel enthusiast, Amar’s on-the-spot and original photography will leave you inspired, showcasing what you can create in just a matter of minutes wherever you go.

About The Author: Katherine Szalay is one of those experts at dissertationmall offering dissertation help who have contributed to many online portals related to education and career development.


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