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Top 14 Best Free Online Conference Call Services

Online conference calls aren’t just for large corporations anymore. Video call conferencing enable communication between just a few people to literally thousands. Currently there is a whole host of extremely capable and polished VoIP applications available offering free calls pc to pc calls and very cheap calls pc to landlines and cell phones. Here is the list of application/software that enables you to make free conference calls/video conferencing anywhere in the world.

1. Skype

Skype is a best and most popular software that enables you to make free calls anywhere in the world. Skype is a free VOIP (voice over IP – which means you talk through the internet). You can easily join Skype, download their software onto your computer, and invite others to join.  Skype also provides low-cost unlimited calling plans to land-lines and cell phones around the world. Now you can add up-to 10 person in a video conference that’s is really a plus point .

2. GoToMeeting

Goto meeting is a online free call conference tool that allows you to meet online rather than in a conference room. You can hold as many meetings as you want–no overages or hidden charges. Phone conferencing and VoIP is included. You can go for  Free Trial
30 days of unlimited meetings with up to 15 attendees. Go to meeting conference call software is compatible for both mac and pc .

3. SightSpeed


brings you the world’s best video and voice calling service for both Mac and PCs, unlimited free PC – PC video calls. Reduced rates for PC – land-line / cell phone calls.  Mac users can connect with full quality to Windows users, and vice versa.

4. Free conference calling

Host free conference calls with a conferencing service equipped for 500 callers per conference call. Time period is up to six hours of conference time for each call. It also provides free Recording of your conference call for easy reference and playback via MP3.  Listen, download and podcast easily.

5. Dimdim

Dimdim conference call service is an easy, open, affordable online meetings and webinars. Collaborate and share with no downloads required to host or attend.  Mac, Windows, or Linux. Video conferencing is very easy to start-up. No installation required.With one-click audio, video and screen sharing and instant meeting capabilities.You can use the Free Trialthat lasts for 30 days.

6. Tokbox

Group video conferencing made simple. Connect face to face with 2 to 200 people. No fuss. No download. 20 to 25 people on the video conferencing is recommended. Tokbox aims itself clearly at the free consumer videoconferencing market.

7. MyMeeting123

It is Fast and easy, requires no extra equipment to host. MyMeeting123 offers both live web meetings and conference calling for users. They offer multiple plans to fit your needs, a 14-day money back guarantee, You can go for Free Trial: 14 days of unlimited meetings restricted to the plan you choose.

8.  Paltalk

Scene SuperIMTM allows you to make free video calls with up to 10 friends on Paltalk, AIM, ICQ and Yahoo Messenger. Free accounts only can open Webcams for a few seconds, while paid users can open multiple video windows.After that, you can still hear but not see the person

9. MegaMeeting

Mega meeting provides Web and video conferencing software for online meetings that helps to reduce travel related costs, extends your marketing reach, browser based and offers online conferencing with true VoIP audio, text chat and no long term contracts, it  is compatible with : Windows, Mac, Linux. You can go for Free Trialthat lasts for 30 days.

10. Fuze Meeting

offers online meetings in HD, login and upload your content in order to start a meeting. This conference call service has a great video tool that can display a variety of video file types including HD video. Video can be forwarded and backed up, you can also zoom in and add text, arrows, shapes and notes to the video. This service can display FLV, MOV, WMV and MP4 type video files.<!––nextpage––>

11. Free Audio Conferencing

Free Audio Conferencing 

service provides free conference calls and offers toll-free conferencing for participants at 7.9 cents per minute.Signing up is easy Just enter your name and email addressand start using the service.

12. Easy Conference

Easy Conference is one of the largest free teleconference services in the world! For businesses, organizations and individuals!FREE telephone conference calls for groups from 2-125.

13. Gizmo Call

allows you to Make Phone Call from your Internet Browser.Cheap Phone Calls · Cheap Voip Phone Calls , free call and FREE conference Calls.

14. Totally Free Conference

Totally Free conference calling service has no contracts, Free Replay lines and Recording allow you to be heard from anywhere. Free trial offer -with web conferencing, participants will now be able to hear and see your presentation without anyone having to leave their office! Totally free conference calling service has been giving away Free Conference Calling for over 5 years.

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  1. Thanks for the review… Just a note on the experience I have had with GoToMeeting in the past year using it every day:
    1- They are terrible in support and keeping the application up to date. There are way too many versions available for download and many of them are not compatible with one and other.
    2- The meeting recording feature works 50% of the time. The recording feature looses the files and after talking to their support they realized they have too many bugs and just could not find a solution.
    3- The application hangs too often and is not ready for prime time.

  2. In addition to above, you may consider an on premise web conferencing solution from R-HUB – It provides free HD audio conferencing.

  3. You have done great study on Conference call services. Your post was full of good information and very helpful too. All the services that you mention was very good. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  4. Thanks for this blog. Before reading this blog I was never know about so many services for Conference call but when I have read this article this information was very useful. Currently I was using Skype for Conference calls and also I will try other service in future as well.

  5. Thanks for sharing some of the best resource which provide free services and users can avail the offer for a month or 15 days time period to judge the services and pick the applications accordingly for betterment of business….

  6. Without a doubt this can be excellent solutions. in addition to good content.
    Thanks an individual greatly in addition to maintain giving information; in addition to I most certainly will absolutely bookmark in this web site.

  7. Thanks for the list! I’ve tried Skype and Gotomeeting before, and liked them both. I did want to add Kuvicall, though. Thus far, it is my favorite service, because it uses your phone connection rather than Wifi, so I haven’t had to worry about dropped calls. They have a free trial on their website to test it out! It isn’t totally free, but the price is very affordable!

  8. Yes this is great services.and nice article.
    Thanks you very much and keep sharing insight; and I will definitely bookmark of this blog.

  9. i’ve always used If you email them you can get a free video conference room along with classroom account if you teach classes.

  10. Really great post! Thanks for sharing

  11. Go to meeting after free trial has only monthly and yearly plans. Not even pay as you go.

  12. gotomeeting not a free plan

  13. Dimdim now owned by Salesfore – not honoring old account anymore

  14. ¿What about oovoo?

  15. i have a Samsung R451 C mobile phone.  Straight talk disabled javascript.  my unlimited calling and data plan doesn’t allow an email acct, access to sites such as, etc.  is there a way to get a plan with Skype or any other VOIP company that i can access the web and avoid these rip-off providers (straight talk is one of many i’ve been thru) and pay the subscription fees for the unlimited calling and data plan?  i’m open to purchasing a Skype phone or any other VOIP phone.  i’ve had Skype on my computer about 8 years.  does Skype allow access to media players, youtube, downloading songs, etc? 

    i’m just sick of the providers that even cut my daughter’s phone off due to “over-usage” on an unlimited plan.  i’m aware of Skype’s unlimited usage plan, i’m willing to go with any VOIP company and purchase their phones if i can get the unlimited calling and the features i need. 

    could i transfer my own PC’s  VOIP to a mobile phone and use it that way or would i still have to indulge a provider that is costly and unpredictable?

  16. Conference Call User

    Why isn’t Start Meeting or Free Conference Call here? Excellent services!

  17. Just try web service which has no registration and no software installation web based service. You can call and talk many hours free of charge. And if you register(which is veeery easy) then you will get conference call options and video recording!

  18. Hi, Do you have any experience with Vyew and how it compares to your 14 products above? Thanks, Cam

  19. Yes this is great software, but I use these apps for free video calling, text messages, video calling and even get a free number

  20. Thank YHWH for folks like David!!! May–YHWH have mercy upon US –raising up the Life of our next generation!

    Gooooooooooo DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!

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