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The Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Global outsourcing trend

Mobiles are becoming a full value tool for more and more people out there. It’s become extremely convenient to continue work routine on the go right from your smartphone, in particular with the help of mobile apps.

These are getting progressively useful in various fields of life, starting from random communication moments, to booking tickets or analyzing financial data. We all tend to appreciate these tiny extensions in our pockets as they help to perform better, quicker, more qualified – all in a matter of minutes.

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On the other hand, mobile applications continue growing their influence in a long-term business game. So you want this crucial extension of your entire business to hit right at your target audience, be effective, engaging, cutting edge and at the same time, cost-efficient.

First and essential step in this chain is about a decision of outsourcing app development services to a dedicated web application development company. After all, sharing tasks and risks with the off-shore professionals has become quite a broad beneficial practice with a lot of cool apps at the exit.

By the way, one of the latest ContractIQ surveys shows that 65% of commercial organizations earn over 50% of their interest from mobile gadgets, which once again witnesses pros of outsourcing mobile app development.


The ultimate checklist to your mobile app development triumph

Of course, sharing your exclusive idea with outsiders and loosing 100% control over the crafting process of the app can be often times challenging. But here is a thing – once you shift a huge deal of duties to a professional team and agree on all details, you feel such a release and potential to work on a significant marketing and launching stakes of your project.

With a rapid growth of smartphones usage, there has been a consistent expansion of application development agencies detected. And they all try to keep up with latest trends in this flourishing global competition race. For some period Americans were running ahead of their international counterparts in this game until lately, when most of the projects and benefits started migrating to East European and Asian IT geeks.

To sleep well while tech guys are generating your “one of a kind” mobile app in 24/7 customer support mode (make that advantage of different time zones work for you), here is a list of must-haves to come up with for off-shoring this weighty task:

  • a detailed app’s scope, its’ overall visual outline & your vision of a user interacting with it (the whole User Story, all possible scenarios);
  • a lineup of nice-to-haves – this should be a prioritized list of features you’d like to add up for the app to turn more dynamic and fun;
  • similar cases of apps, which replicate your desired product both visually and functionally – the more examples the better;
  • platforms you want the application to be compatible with;
  • timing & budget for your project;
  • written and verbal valuable communication with a project team all examined and set;
  • NDAs signed;
  • control check-ins, deadlines, outsourcing mobile app development cost and payment model approved.

Now you’re basically good to go!

After all, it takes both good developer and good client to make it a fruitful partnership, isn’t it?

Pile of benefits to come with offshoring your app building

Now, when you’re packed with a reliable team of developers, there comes a true chunk of benefits of outsourcing mobile app development, so let’s dive right into it:

  1. Operate as a project manager. You have a great chance to lead your app development process remotely. Simply define a scope of procedures, hours for catch-ups and meetings, as well as deadlines and reports. It’s very handy to communicate with your whole team on-line on a regular basis;
  1. Save your time & money. By off-shoring app development you alternatively save money on hiring dedicated professionals in house, supervising them and paying benefits, supplying with high quality machines etc. – everything is already done for you at the outsource. Another perk here is you usually get a better value for money;
  1. Staking responsibilities & risks. You can take it for granted, but once you shift a huge deal of procedures, issues and liabilities to your counterpart, it’ll spare plenty of time to focus on the major business activities;
  1. High-quality service. With a rapid growth in mobile and booming demand for building mobile applications, increasing number of agencies tend to keep up with trends strongly and perform exceptionally with a client. So there are all chances to experience “a can-do” approach towards yourself with all agreements maintained;
  1. Faster implementation. As far as a company at the off-shore is likely to have mobile applications developed as their core competence, all operations might be optimized and run way more swiftly. As a result, you get your fully built product sooner and of the latest technology expertise, then if you’d launch all that jazz in-house;
  1. Complex testing in the local environment. The good thing about dealing with a development agency as a business partner is that they provide you eventually with a ready-to-go product all tested and set. Besides, among the benefits of outsourcing mobile app development is post-launch services included in the price. So you won’t have troubles with driving your application and fixing some shortcomings along the way.


There are, without a doubt, a range of pros and cons of app development outsourcing. But let’s face it, global trend of getting most out of every process and optimizing each and every part of these gives away so many goodies. Opportunity to craft a cool technological product at a lower expense, to gain a totally entertaining and beneficial international teamwork experience and to build up your venture with a powerful tool sound extremely promising to me. What about you?



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