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Sawaram Suthar is a self-motivated Digital Marketing Consultant, associated with Just Total Tech– A Mobile App Development Company. He contributes new ideas and tips on digital marketing, mobile apps, web design and small business on thenextscoop.com . Follow him on Twitter @sawarams

10 Live Chat Software That Can Boost Your Business


It is a proven fact that through live chat, customers achieve 73% more satisfaction level than through any other means. The second next closets that make the customers happy by solving their problem are Emails. Here are the top 10 live chat software that makes to grow your business and convert your visitors into clients. Tagove Tagove is live chat …

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5 Tips to Make an Event Successful


Event is the remarkable word that portrays multiple aspects through singularity. A singular event can change your perspective, thinking, success and behaviour. Organisation of event and event marketing has gained major attention due to its multifaceted prospects. The success of an event depends on the motive, planning, customisation and mode of execution. Duration of the event and attractions associated to …

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7 Things to Consider Before Your Next Business Conference


Business conferences are always lucrative as they bring along the prospect to meet loads of people in your industry and interact with the sharpest minds of the industry. You encounter opportunities where you can amalgamate with the passionate people of your field and can get yourself visible amongst the masses which can reap you enormous benefits perpetually. But, if you …

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5 Indispensable Ways to Optimize Your Website for Lead Conversion


In the digital world, if you don’t show up on the first page of search engine, you don’t exist. Going a little further, amidst the aggressive marketing and cut-throat competition, the race is redefined to reach the pinnacle, i.e. being able to survive in the competition and be an aggressive seller! While the person surfing the internet may sometime bother …

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