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Marcia Ellison is a professional content producer working since 2010. She has recently completed her Master's Degree in Software Engineering from University of Georgia. And because of her flair for writing and technical knowledge, she is now a technical writer and writes different software reviews and is currently working for Ivacy VPN as a Digital Content Producer. Her responsibility is to write on topics related to online security, privacy and importance of anonymity for torrent users all over the world.

How to Create a Torrent File Successfully?

I’m going to teach you how you can create a torrent file in some simple steps here on geekersmagazine.com. How to Create a Torrent File Successfully? First off, when you hear the word “BitTorrent“, the words that start circulating in your mind may include: Illegal, Pirated content, Malwares, Viruses, and the list goes on. But, let me tell you, the …

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