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Brian Jens is a blogger and moderator at DesignContest.com

10 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Logo


All minded businessmen, regardless they represent writing business like this or any other sphere of use, are aware of the importance of logos. The company’s logo tells the story of the brand to the whole world. Every day, customers and potential customers of the company see your logo, and every day you have chances to draw their attention to your …

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8 Tips for getting work in a design studio


The right equipment and a wonderful grasp of design are simply not enough to become a successful designer. Your job doesn’t end at building sites, you also need to manage everything from marketing to planning and execution. So, when looking for a job at a design studio, keep these important things in mind and maybe later your colleges will call …

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UI vs UX: differences and similarities

UI and UX are two different concepts despite the fact that they are closely interconnected. So in this article, we will consider UI vs UX, their differences and similarities. The development of UI is constructed to create more attractive and convenient, that is to say optimized, interaction with users. The developers seek to create friendly interface; however, this is not …

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How to Start a Web Designer Career

Web design is gaining huge popularity not only because of the field where design skill can be applied but also because of the possibility to work remotely. Today, freelancing is one of the strongest trends: to be a freelancer is convenient and profitable if you can create something of high value. If you don’t know who is better to work …

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