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How to Assemble a Ridiculously Awesome Gamer’s Room?

Many are those who crave to assemble the sanctuary of digital entertainment in their home, yet lack the will or means of translating this vision into a reality. Well, gamer’s HQs do not have to cost an arm and a leg, and with smart solutions, you can make a difference in no time. The goal is to strike a balance between homey comfort and killer tech assortment. This takes some planning and investment of time and energy, but the rewards you will be able to reap will be as sweet as beating the final boss after dozen of miserable failures.

A head start

Picking the room for your gamer’s haven is of the utmost importance. It is best to opt for an area which is separated from the rest of the household. Ample space is always preferable, since it permits multiple functions and easy navigation.  If that is not an option, you can go for a minimalist approach, and take advantage of modern, streamlined decoration and fittings.  Pay attention to the windows and the positioning of the screen to avoid the annoying glare and reflection. At last, note that too much noise coming out of your room could mean a game over for you.

Online fun

The online gamer’s worst nightmare is a lapse in a broadband connection, a nuisance which causes gameplay difficulties. And with the gaggle of connected home products, the demand for Wi-Fi is on the rise. Well, gaming wireless routers in the league of D-link’s AC1300 make these problems a thing of the past. A StreamBoost intelligent system is used to prioritize the device in need of consistent broadband. Users can put an end to wireless disarray and make online gaming run like clockwork.  When musing on the ideal product, ponder on the coverage area, and types of connected devices. Not everyone needs the latest and meanest router there is.

Audio system

Setting your eyes on a vast TV screen may bring you over the moon, but have you considered the audio equipment? The 5.1 surround system has the exceptional power to pull you in and amplify the gaming experience. Deploying the pieces calls for a tactical RTS-like approach, with some speakers mounted on walls and ceiling, while others reside before and next to the seating place. Alas, the biggest problem with surround systems is that they could easily blow your budget. Two twin tower speakers also do the trick and provide enough aural excitement. Moreover, they do not draw the eye from the screen and fit in even the smallest of gaming corners.

The centerpieces

In order to make the most of your time in front of the screen, you want to keep everything organized and accessible. Furniture should not be an afterthought, as it affects your ability to stay focused. Also, you might have to accommodate friends and other guests in your shelter. The good news is that there is a wide assortment of office furniture pieces that match any layout. You can also purchase a configurable TV stand: The budget-friendly EXPEDIT line from IKEA allows you to adjust the screen to the optimal viewing level, and also to put your console, games, and decorative items in storage units. Just try to keep the mess at bay—tackle the cable clutter with appropriate organizer.

The visual appeal

When it comes to décor, posters are an obvious choice, but strive to be unique and fresh. There are many ways to showcase your admiration for gaming. Feel free to be whimsical, zany and playful, and summon a symphony of colors. Gaming room is your opportunity to make a statement and get your creative juices flowing. Muse on lightsaber lighting fittings, color-matched sofas, gaming-themed merchandise, DIY flags, framed prints and board games.  Put the LAN scoreboard on the wall, and host competitions to determine who the king is. Finally, remember that creating a confined, cluttered space could only ruin your immersion.

Mission Accomplished

Every passionate gamer deserves a room dedicated solely to the love of video games. Not only that, a well-designed gaming room is the chance to stun your friends with the true embodiment of awesomeness and fun.  Roll up your sleeves, plan the design in advance, and shape the impeccable gaming experience with the help of interior elements, as well as tech marvels.  Behind the controller and saddled up comfortably, no challenge will be insurmountable and no game unbeatable for you.


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