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Apple Watch: Doctor on Your Wrist

Well not really. The most talked about wearable tech these days, the Apple Watch is certainly a feat of modern technology. Around since the mid 90’s, the first smartwatches had their own OS systems that were more like wearable palm pilots more than anything. Apple ups the functionality by pairing the watch via Bluetooth you can make calls, pay for groceries and receive emails, even access Siri giving us the first fully functional Knight Rider watch! Oh and it can monitor your heart rate.


KnightRiderwatch Apple Watch: Doctor on Your Wrist Apple Watch: Doctor on Your Wrist KnightRiderwatch

The ‘Hoff doesn’t need no stinkin heart rate monitor.


Well that’s not all it does, it’s like an electronic fitness instructor. On top of having an highly accurate heart rate monitor, it also can remind you to exercise with the apps it comes with and can help you track calories burned. It can also give you reminders to stand every so often to avoid the issues that come with a sedentary lifestyle.


This is just the latest in the trend of emerging and innovative medical technology. As later models of the watch make improvements to this model, we could be seeing a revolution in the way we diagnose, treat, and monitor illnesses. With mobile devices becoming more prolific, and apps that do everything but blow our noses, it only makes sense that some developers use them to help us keep track of our health as well.


Two years, and millions of dollars of research went into finding the most effective way to monitor the health of the wearer. The entire point of the health features of the Apple Watch is to make the information useful to consumers and if need be health professionals. “Up to now the information gathered by those applications lives in silos,” said Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, “You can’t get a single comprehensive picture of your situation.” His goal was to change that.


With the information being collated in one place and uploadable to the cloud, users as well as their doctors will be able to get a better picture of what’s going on in their bodies. This could potentially save lives as users will be alerted to declining health before symtoms get too severe or maybe even before they even notice. This will also help doctors’ offices in their pursuit of more personalized healthcare.


The possibilities are infinite, and with EHRs being integrated into our health care system the time for unobtrusive health monitoring devices is now. With this advancement, people can live healthier, more productive lives.


This technology could play an integral part in changing healthcare as we know it. In order to keep up with the ever-changing advances in medicine, technology needs to be along for the ride.


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