What GEEKERS Magazine is all about?

GEEKERS Magazine is dedicated to Geeks who want to write and share great articles about the latest technology products, software and services.  In GEEKERS Magazine you will learn about computer tips and tricks that will change you to a computer geek and about a lot of web services. Topics covered here include Round ups of iPhone apps and games, iPad apps and games, Windows apps, Mac apps, Linux Apps, Web apps, Android apps & games, troubleshooting your computer, optimizing operating system performance ( Windows, Mac or Linux), simplifying tasks, software review and plenty of cool stuff. If you think that computer technology is only for geeks, then I aspire to change your thinking.

Who’s behind GEEKERS Magazine?

Rohit and Gourav  founded GEEKERS Magazine in 2010 and have passed on the ownership in 2014 to Robert, Nick and Bernie to carry on the work they started with this fantastic technology blog.

The future for GEEKERS Magazine:

The Australian connections have now joined in with the ongoing development of GEEKERS Magazine to continue this great site and provide new and interesting articles of great benefit to Geeks all over the world.

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