access account in ubuntu 8 steps to access your account from ubuntu 8 Steps to Access your Account from Ubuntu access, a great platform to store your important files online, allows users up to 1GB online storage to store important files for back-up. Users can access stored files from anywhere, which is the best thing about this service. You can use it to save your important e-books, or any other materials that are priceless to you and losing them creates havoc. People who use Windows, it is very easy for them to access files stored at but for those who use OS like Ubuntu (Linux based), it is quite a puzzle. It might be a puzzle because people are not actually aware about this procedure which is pretty simple. Follow these simple steps to access your account from Ubuntu.

  1. You will see the menu bar on top of your monitor screen. Go to the “Places” option and you will be presented with a menu. In the menu, you need to go to “Connect to server”. This option is given to make new server connections.

  2. One dialog box would be opened now on your screen, titled as “Connect to Server”. Usually there will be five fields that you need to fill but only one of them is mandatory, others are optional. First field, “Server” is mandatory. You should write “” in text box next to this field.

  3. In username field, input your own username that you use in website.

  4. “Name to use for the connection” is an optional field but it is recommended that you supply a name there because icon with that name will appear on desktop. If you leave it blank, default name will be used for icon.

  5. In case, you want to educate yourself more about the whole procedure, click on “Help” button and you will be presented with “help dialog box” which has information about how this procedure works.

  6. Once you have filled all the required fields, click on “Connect” button, an icon will be created on desktop. Double click on that icon, and one dialog box will pop up. This dialog box is for authentication process, which requires your login details. Once you type-in your login details, you will be able to access your account.

  7. If you don’t want to type a password again and again, you can check the option “remember my password” while typing login details in authentication dialog box.

  8. This procedure works fine with both the versions: Ubuntu Dapper and Ubuntu Edgy Eft.