Planning to learn how to play Guitar but don’t have enough time to go for the classes? You can opt for the online guitar learning lessons. There are several websites that teach how to play guitar. Few of these websites are mentioned below:

Guitar Alliance
It offers an innovative guitar training system. By taking their online guitar training lessons you would be able to play guitar like the professional guitar players such as Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Kirk Hamett, Jimi Hendrix and B.B. King.
They offer a complete guitar learning package. Whether you are a beginner or have some knowledge about the basics, this site is helpful in either case. Unlike certain other websites, you do not require any music reading knowledge for learning guitar on this site.
Going for a guitar class can be quite expensive. This website offers guitar learning lessons at a minimal membership cost.

learn guitar lesson online 7 Websites where you can Learn how to play Guitar and its lessons 7 Websites where you can Learn how to play Guitar and its lessons learn guitar lesson

Pluck and play Guitar
This website offers free guitar learning lessons for the beginners. Certain basic guitar playing techniques can be learnt in just two weeks. The site does not just include the theoretical explanations on how to play guitar, it also includes instructional videos and photographs that explain various guitar playing techniques. Various guitar tips and tricks are available free of cost on this website.

Guitar Principles
If you are a beginner you can join their free guitar playing course and learn the technique of playing guitar. If you already know how to play guitar, you can go through the website to understand how to eliminate various guitar playing problems.

Abc learn Guitar
It says, “Any body can” learn how to play guitar. The site teaches the basics of playing guitar. It has different lessons that teach you how to tune a guitar, how to understand and make use of guitar scales, how to read tablature and standard notations, how to play various chords, how to build coordination skills and speed, how to play different musical styles. The site also gives suggestions on choosing the correct guitar and instructions on maintaining it. You can also find out the right time to change the guitar strings. If you are aiming to make a career in music, you will get good tips for the same on this website. You will also be able to locate various guitars, guitar lesson videos, books and CDs, song guitar lessons, guitar gears, music books and sheet music and tablature on this site.

Learn 2 play Guitars
This is another website that teaches how to play guitar. They have two different online guitar tutorial libraries namely, JamPlay and Guitar Tricks. Though both these offer paid lessons, but it is worth spending the amount.

At you will get a step by step instructions guide on how to play guitar. The various steps involved in playing a guitar are explained very clearly on this website. By going through their online guitar teaching lessons you can master this art easily and very quickly.

Young Guitarist
This website offers various guitar learning lessons. You can log on to this site and chose from a variety of guitar learning lessons including acoustic lesson, Aerosmith guitar lessons, basic guitar lessons, bass lessons, beginner bass guitar lessons, beginner rock guitar, easy beginner guitar lessons, blues, caged guitar, classic rock guitar lessons, country lessons, Dorian mode guitar lessons, electric guitar lessons, free online video guitar lessons, free Spanish guitar lessons, funk guitar lessons, guitar lesson techniques, heavy metal guitar lessons, Jazz lessons, Lead guitar lessons, Rock guitar lessons, left handed Guitar lessons, rhythm guitar lessons, songs guitar lessons, guitar tabs lessons, intermediate guitar lessons, Killer Amps, Metal guitar lessons, Monsterguitarist, Metallica guitar lessons, Insane guitar lessons, Online funky blues guitar lessons, Pete Murray guitar lessons, Solo lessons, theme guitar lessons, tuning the guitar, video guitar lessons online and many more.