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5 of the Best Finance Apps

Do you experience any problems trying to manage your financial accounts and/or finances? Managing personal finances is challenging even to the best of us. However, there has been development of a number of applications making the job of managing your personal finances that much easier. These apps not only help you keep track of all your expenses but also save money and eliminate intermediaries. You can easily download these apps onto your new generation smart phone devices. Some of the apps you should consider getting include:

  1. Mint

This is the one of the most common and widely used finance related app. It gives you a complete look into all your finances ranging from bank accounts, credit cards and even loans in real time. Mint also offer tips on how to save.

With the mint app, you are automatically able to keep track of how exactly you spend your finance down to the last cent. What is most interesting about the app is that it is able to categorize your finances according to type and usage. The application then presents the data in charts and graphs that make it easy for you to understand.

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This app also of significant importance to you if you are keen on your finances since it reminds you when your bills are due. This way, you are able to make payments on time or arrange to pay later. It also has the budget alert feature that alerts you when or if you are almost reaching your budget limit.

  1. Acorn

This app helps you in saving and investing your extra money that you may be having. It then invests the money in a portfolio of your choice. The app design is in such a way that it helps you as a first time investor to make small investments in the trade fund portfolio. These investments are automated.

  1. Level money

This app tracks your spending in real time. What this means is that you are able to see all your spending within a given span of time. It calculates your income as well as the recurring bills and gives a suggestion on what your monthly, weekly or daily spending should be. It also gives you the opportunity to save automatically; all the cash that remains after payment of all expenses moves in to a saving account.

  1. Credit karma

This app allows you to monitor your spending habits by linking your bank accounts and credit cards. It also offers you free credit reports and recommends better loan offers

  1. Wally

This app tracks your expenses, gives you a breakdown of your expenditure and divides your expenses into different categories according to your preference. It is an important app since it automatically derives the details of your purchase. Moreover, it allows you to scan your receipts. This helps in reducing the hassle of keying in the details of any purchases made thus saving precious time.


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  1. Your question is Do you experience any problems trying to manage your financial accounts and/or finances? I will say NO. Because I have read your article and now I know how to manage financial accounts. Now I no need to go through debt settlement online reviews because it will be possible through these finance apps. From all the five apps I like acorn the most because it gives better finance features and easy to manage accounts according to me. Thank you for sharing this vital information through this article. I would like to share this information with my friends. Thank you!!!

  2. Thank you for writing such informative article. Financial apps are playing vital and major role in debt field. Finance related people are taking lot of advantage of these apps. From these apps one can easily get debt settlement online reviews to see what is happening in debt industry. I am always in search of such informative and nicely written articles. You have cleverly written the article and all the points are nicely described. Keep writing such excellent articles and keep sharing. All the five apps are important and having a great demand in the finance market. Nice article!! Good work!!

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